How Campaigns Work

FullTraffic has its own ad network comprised by over a million websites which span all across the World Wide Web. They publish our Full-page Ads which include Interstitial and Pop-under Ads. This allows potential customers (visitors) to navigate your site for as long as they want and safely get back to the Publisher's site just by clicking the "Skip This Ad" button.

Our tools are easy to use and highly-effective, not to mention accessible. To learn more about our services, please keep on reading this handy walkthrough.

Advertisers Guide: Creating your Campaign

The FullTraffic Network allows advertisers to focus their ads to the entire network or special segments of it. Choosing Global Traffic you will receive Worldwide visitors, from all publishers' within the network. If you need specialized targeting, you can choose our IP Unique/Targeted Campaigns and focus your advertising to specific Countries, Channels and Keywords.

Targeting Capabilities

By Country: We use IP databases to detect each visitor's location and redirect him/her to the appropriate Ad.

You will receive visitors only from the selected Countries. You can also select "All Countries" to get Worldwide Traffic.

By Channel: Once a publisher signs up, our team selects the best channel for that new Website. Then, when you target Channel, your ad will be shown only on Websites within that Channel.

Your ads will be shown only in websites within the Channel you select. if you don't select any Channel, your ad will be targeted to all of them.

By Keyword: Works like a search engine, matching the terms you use to describe your site or product to sites in the FullTraffic network.

Match your ads to relevant sites on the FullTraffic Network using your keywords or topics.

Building your Ad

All you need for a Full Page Ad is the URL of your homepage, but in most cases you'll do even better by pointing users to an uncluttered, compelling page created with your core campaign goals in mind.

Think about the Full Page Ad from the web-surfer's perspective. When a Full Page Ad is displayed, the user shouldn't need to spend time figuring out what you're trying to sell. If the message isn't compelling, he'll skip the ad and return to the initial Websites.

Prominent Logo

One Click

Strong Images

Prominent Logo: Highlight your Logo: Make your brand stand out, get that awesome logo of yours on the spotlight and make every pixel count. Even if the visitor skips the ad, your brand has already made an impact without breaking a sweat.

Strong Images: You want to promote your product or service? Then do it good. Make a compelling and easy-to-grasp design so you can get the visitor's attention quickly. You only have a few seconds, so make it worthwhile!

One Click: Lead the visitor's way towards your campaign's goals; pages often have lots of options and links which compromise your target audience's attention. Think about one easy action for the visitor to accomplish.

Fullpage Ad

Full Page Ad format allows you to display interactive ads with the following advantages:

The Full Page Ad takes up the whole screen. With the whole screen available as your ad real estate, you can create compelling ads that capture your users' full attention.

Users see your ad without having to click. The Full Page Ad will appear automatically during the users' browsing experience.

The creation process is easy. You can create a Full Page Ad in minutes. Simply use the URL of your choice to serve as your ad landing page.

Full Page Ad Live Demo:

Custom Header
with publisher's

Return to


See the Demo in Action

Create Your Own Full Page Ad

see your own fullpage ad


In order to change your URL, go to your Live Stats, there, you can find all your campaigns, click on the campaign name that you wish to change.

click on the campaign name

There, you can find a link near the URL that says "(Change URL)". If our administrators found forbidden content in your Website, there would also be another link to change the URL near the forbidden content details.


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