5 Ways to Fail as an Affiliate Marketer on Twitter

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Social networking sites are less tolerant of spam than most discussion boards or blogs. Although your followers may not object if you add an occasional affiliate link into your tweets, you must do so carefully.

There are five sins that tempt even the most honest affiliate marketers. They include:

  1. Betrayal. Your Twitter followers are your fans and friends. They trust you to impart useful information and make their lives better. If you link to a website that turns out to be a scam, anyone who is taken advantage is going to write you off. Your reputation is the key to success online. If you want to ruin your reputation, simply prove you can't be trusted. It works every time.
  2. Spam. Spam is the disease that plagues the Internet. Twitter users hate spam as much as anyone else. If you send spammy affiliate links to your followers, don't expect them to be your followers very long. No one likes their feeds to be cluttered with junk. They find it particularly annoying when you are getting paid to promote spam.
  3. Dismissiveness. Nobody wants to deal with overly aggressive marketers, affiliate or otherwise. Be personal when you market anything online. People are on Twitter to share genuine connections with people. They don't want to just talk to you when you have something to sell them. Be the real deal. It pays off a lot better than you think.
  4. Irrelevancy. This is one of the easiest mistakes affiliate marketers can make. Promoting the wrong products to the wrong audience will never work for you. Think about who your followers are. What are they really looking for? If you maintain a blog on web apps, chances are that's the niche you should be targeting. The moment you start tweeting links to the new Lindsay Lohan video you've lost all credibility.
  5. Uselessness. You're a marketer. Marketers often have a bad reputation for promoting products that serve no purpose. The moment you start promoting products your followers don't need, you've made every mistake listed above. Your followers will be thankful if you tip them off about products that provide real value to them. They won't even care that you made money off of them. People use Twitter to have fun and make their lives better. Give them what they want.

Affiliate marketers can thrive on Twitter. You have many opportunities to promote great products and services to the people who need them. The trick is to make sure you know your followers and give them what they want. Listen to their feedback and be courteous. Doing so will help you set you apart from the spammers and scammers trying to destroy the site.

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