Ten Essential Business Blog Post Ideas: A Blueprint for Generating Content That Improves Conversions

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Regularly updating your business blog with fresh content is not necessarily going to lead to more sales. It depends on how you present yourself and your business, and how you address your audience. Generating effective content that improves conversions can be difficult; some blog posts may even damage your brand. The following 10 examples can be used as a blueprint to generate hundreds of ideas for future blog content, all designed to convert readers into customers.

  1. Focus on the positive. There's nothing wrong with talking about a popular product or service. Just approach it from the right angle. For example, to draw attention toward a certain product, express how pleased you were with all the positive feedback about that product. Or explain how a new service seems to be really popular with a certain demographic. Make people aware of the benefits of your products and services, and arouse their curiosity, without the hard sell.
  2. Feature a positive customer testimonial, and explain why customer feedback is important to your business. Highlighting other customers' good experiences with your products and services helps others to trust your company and makes them more willing to do business with you. A good testimonial highlights all the benefits of a product or service to every potential customer.
  3. Timely and seasonal blog posts are attractive to readers because they promote a sense of urgency and excitement around your products or services. This is not always easy to do with regular posts, but around Mother's Day or Christmas, for example, it's easier to promote the gift potential of certain products, or offer exclusive deals. Current news events, relevant surveys, and research can also be utilized in this way.
  4. Talk about topical industry news. It shows you care about your line of business, and have the necessary knowledge to provide customers with the best solutions to their problems. Having opinions about various industry topics will show prospects you're serious about your work. This will improve your credibility with consumers and also other businesses.
  5. Respond to readers' questions. Answer a question from a blog commenter, or answer a customer's email question as quickly as possible. Wherever you find a question, you can turn it into a blog post. The resulting content not only answers the question for everyone concerned, it shows you listen, and sparks interest in a particular product or service.
  6. Prove you’re an expert by writing authoritative content. You could focus on a certain product and explain it in great detail. Or explain how a particular service can solve their problems. If you confidently demonstrate the real benefits of your products or services, people are more likely to trust you, and therefore buy from you.
  7. Let people into your world. Either write a piece yourself, or have a key team member write something about their typical working day. Showing the human side of your business makes readers feel more comfortable with your organization and feel a part of the whole process. An anecdote from an employee about a positive customer interaction can help strengthen your reputation as a business that cares about its customers.
  8. Use your blog posts as a portal to other online channels. Linking blog content to a YouTube video or a Facebook discussion can quickly stimulate interest and drive traffic to other channels. Any activity that is centered around your brand can generate leads and increase sales in the long run. Remember that each blog post is only a branch of your entire marketing strategy.
  9. Encourage feedback from customers. It's reassuring to potential customers who want to know they can rely on your after-sales service and ongoing support. In every post, make it clear that you welcome their comments, and look forward to hearing fresh perspectives on your products and services. Include questions and comments in future posts.
  10. Explain how readers can benefit from your company in the future. For example, promise to make more discounts available through your blog, announce an improved version of a product or service, or promote a new-look website. Even offering more payment methods can improve conversions. Anything that makes your products or services appear more attractive can boost traffic and lead to more sales.

Using these 10 guidelines, anyone publishing a business blog should be able to create regular and effective content that not only attracts readers, but also stimulates sales. Producing engaging, focused blog content that converts readers into customers is one of the most cost-effective marketing methods there is.

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