Online Marketing ABCs: Attract Leads, Boost Conversions, Copy Success

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Are you looking to increase online sales revenue for your ecommerce site? Follow these online marketing ABCs to improve your marketing strategy and create a balanced approach to long-term sales and revenue.

Attract More Qualified Leads

The more visitors you get, the more sales, right? Not exactly. You get more sales as long as you are attracting the right leads. Viral marketing often fails when it attracts a large volume of visitors who have no interest in buying your product. Focus on leads most likely to respond to your offerings if you want to increase online sales.

  1. On page SEO - When you include keywords that qualified leads use to search for your products and services; you attract readers more likely to make a purchase. Far from keyword stuffing, this content marketing strategy presents useful information visitors need when considering a purchase. On-page SEO also tags the content pieces (titles, subheadings, descriptions) properly for the search engines, so your site is more meaningful for the search bots.
  2. Social Media - If you visit the sites your potential customers visit and create an active profile, you can develop relationships with new and existing customers. Some of these will share your promotions with their followings, which will increase online sales far beyond your ordinary reach.

    You might also consider targeted advertising on sites like Facebook that allows you to project your ads to specific demographics. Social media fans respond particularly well to:

    • Contests
    • Coupons
    • Giveaways
  3. PPV / PPC Advertising - With pay-per-view (PPV) or pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, you only pay for those ads which prospects actually view or click. This provides control and analytical data you can use to optimize your sales copy and conduct a successful campaign. Your keywords become even more important with PPV/PPC ads because competition drives up the price on particular words. If you keep a keen eye on the balance between your conversions and the price of your keywords, you can ensure a profitable campaign that increases online revenue.

Boost Conversions

Along with attracting qualified visitors, you want to make most of the traffic you get. Split testing is one of the easiest ways to try new things and see what works. By creating two similar, yet slightly different sales pages, you will learn which tweaks make your visitors convert. Just make sure you are testing a large enough sample before trusting your data.

  1. Call-to-Action Words - Split test the words you place on the button or in the linkable text to see which words get more responses from your audience. Many researchers have found that including the word "click" helps trigger the appropriate action in a reader, however you should test what works for your audience. In some markets, with certain products, customers respond better to a short benefit statement like "Start Saving Now."
  2. Colors - Split test the colors of the button and other critical page elements. Many find that the button should be in an accent color that stands out from all other page elements. However, until you test you cannot be sure what colors work best with the crowd you attract. You should never make assumptions about the design when simple tests can help you find the best combinations to increase online sales.
  3. Button Placement - Split test where the button is on the page. Different designs draw the eyes in different directions and you should experiment with placing the button in a variety of spots to find which works best with your page. Popular placements:

    • Above the fold on the right
    • Center of the page
    • Bottom of the page on the right
  4. Number of Choices - Sometimes your page offers a variety of options that clutter the page and make it hard for customers to make a choice or spot the sales button. Experiment with paring down choices and creating white space around actionable items to see if a little clarity encourages more online sales.

Copy Your Success

Once you have a track record, you should be able to find what works and copy your success. If your FullTraffic ads draw traffic that converts twice as high as your PPC ads, maybe you should run more FullTraffic ads, or find similar networks, or analyze the data to see if you can use your FullTraffic experience to influence your PPC ads and make them more productive.

  1. Know What Works - Study your analytics so you have an accurate picture of your customers and the marketing strategies that trigger their responses. Online activity gives marketers measurements they could only dream of years ago, but you have to take the time to look at the data and determine what is working in your current strategy if you want to improve online sales revenue.
  2. Keep Records - Over time, you will run a lot of tests and perform a lot of tweaks. You should be keeping records that prevent you running similar tests over and over simply because past results were the opposite of your expectations. With records, you can keep improving without re-proving.
  3. Stay in Contact With Your Customers - Once someone has purchased from you, they are infinitely easier to sell to again. Whether you do it through email, social networks, or remarketing ads, keep connecting with customers likely to buy from you again. These committed customers form the backbone of any successful strategy to increase online sales revenue.

Marketing ABCs to Increase Sales Revenue

Whenever you need to increase online sales revenue, take a look at these ABCs and see where you can improve and optimize your marketing strategy. Many websites make the mistake of focusing on one area at the expense of others. A properly balance approach can ensure that the leads keep coming in, that they convert, and that they continue to buy over and over again.

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