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Many site owners do not pay much attention to their conversion rate. In fact, one study showed that site owners typically have a conversion rate around 10 percent. Moreover, converted visitors do not always mean purchases. Conversions may simply mean answering any call to action, like signing up for a newsletter.

If your site suffers from a low conversion rate, you may be losing money from your PPC/PPV campaign or any other sponsored advertisement. Your main priority should be to convert the majority of the visitors you pay for.

Here are some quick tips to help you improve your conversion rate.

Organize your site.

Keep your site user-friendly. If your visitors can easily navigate around your site, they will have more time to read your content and answer your call to action, rather than trying to find information.

If you have to, create more pages on your site, and categorize your articles by page. Some site owners use plug-ins that allow the owner to categorize their articles by tagging them with specific words or phrases.

Choose your keywords carefully.

Most of your visitors find your site through organic search listings. If they are entering your site expecting to read something specific, you must make sure that your content matches their expectations. Do not use keywords that have no relation to the main idea you are trying to convey.

Often times, your most profitable keywords are not popular keywords, but they do accurately reflect your product or brand. Do not focus on keyword popularity and competition when choosing keywords. Instead, focus on your brand and product description; try to place yourself in your customer’s shoes. If you were trying to find your product, what keywords would you use to find it?

Remove any ads.

You don’t want advertisements to distract your visitors. If they click on advertisements, you will have potentially lost a profitable sale. Instead, you only gain the couple of cents those clicks were worth.

Moreover, many people have a negative concept of advertisements. Sites with multiple ads appear scam-like. You do not want your visitors to think that you are trying to scam them; you want to retain integrity and honesty with your customers. Appearances and first impressions play a vital role to your business’ success.

Use persuasive speech.

Many people do not like pushy salesmen; however, there is a way to be persuasive without being pushy. You can use persuasive speech in your main pitch to help influence sales. In fact, there are many great books that discuss persuasive speech and how to incorporate it in your business.

However, avoid common sales jargon. Many of your visitors will recognize common phrases, and those phrases will deter your visitors from answering a call to action.

Keep these tips in mind when you are optimizing your site. By implementing these ideas, your site’s conversion rate should increase. However, do not expect results immediately. Some of these tips, such as using correct keywords, have to be recognized by Search Engines before you see changes to your conversion rate.

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