Five Powerful Split Testing Strategies to Improve Online Conversions

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It's not just newer websites that can benefit from split testing; if you have a successful e-commerce website, regularly testing different strategies can go a long way to improving online conversions. Split testing is the only way to discover what really works and is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve online conversions. Try out the following five tests, and you should discover the most effective ways to boost sales with simple website adjustments.

Opt-in Button Positioning to Improve Online Conversions
Your opt-in offer is important for gathering prospects' email addresses, building customer relationships, and improving online conversions, but where you position this call to action on the page will affect how many readers subscribe. Try placing the opt-in button on the top left hand side of the page, where people tend to look first. Placing it below content that improves your credibility - such as testimonials - can also increase online conversions. Finally, try split testing an opt-in button on every single page of your site.

The Advantages of Split Testing Image Positions
Placing an image in the wrong position on the page could jeopardize your online conversions. Put it in a prime position, however, and you could persuade a visitor to click "Buy Now." An image placed above the fold (before users scroll down) might entice visitors to learn more, but it could also kill a sale. Split testing will confirm if an image needs to be near a call to action, or whether your online conversions improve with more images on your order page, for example.

Boost Online Conversions by Split Testing Follow-up Emails
There are many autoresponder programs online to simplify your after-sales marketing strategy and keep subscribers up to date with your latest news and offers. But you can maximize your online conversions by split testing your follow-up emails. Try sending new subscribers a limited period offer, a day after their opt-in. Or send existing customers associated product deals a week after their purchase. Only split testing will tell you which emails improve online conversions the most.

Why Your Language Could Be Damaging Online Conversions
Many users visit your site for more information to help them decide whether to purchase anything from you. Therefore, it's crucial to aim your content directly at the reader, as often as possible. Try eliminating words like "we" and "our." Instead, maximize the use of "you" and "yours." Address the reader directly. How will they benefit from your products or services? Split testing different styles of copy can help your online conversions by determining the most advantageous choice of words.

Improve Online Conversions by Split Testing Text Formats
Many visitors to your site will "scan" your copy for key phrases and words that interest them. Split testing different combinations of text will tell you how to achieve the most online conversions. Changing the appearance of copy by emphasizing certain words using bold and italics, or having more white space between blocks of text have been shown to improve online conversions. More subheadings or bullet lists highlighting the main benefits of your products or services can also compel visitors to read on.

Many businesses are beginning to realize the benefits of split testing as a tool to increase online conversions. Before you make any changes to your website, try split testing one of these techniques before going live. With regular analysis, your online conversions could pick up dramatically.

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