Why Google+ is important for your Social Marketing Strategy

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Social media marketing is a very important aspect of a successful marketing campaign. Business owners who do not utilize social media sites in their marketing strategy are not as successful as business owners who properly use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter in their strategy.

Google+ is a new social media site, and many people are wondering if it is as effective as other sites for social media marketing. Because it is so new, there are no concrete studies from various online marketers. However, there are some important general reasons why Google+ can benefit business owners.

It is unique.

Many people are calling Google+ the Facebook killer. However, this will most likely not be the case. Google+, while being similar to Facebook, is unique in many ways. Facebook's creator, Mark Zuckerberg, has a very specific goal for his site. He hopes that it will revolutionize the way people relate to each other. Google+, however, is aiming to revolutionize the way people share with each other.

The contrast, yet subtle, difference sets Google+ apart from Facebook. People will still use Facebook to relate with friends and family, but they may use Google+ to share the content they find across the web.

However, though none of this truly helps business owners understand how Google+ can help their business, it does help them understand that social media sites have pros and cons, which business owners can use to their advantage. Marketers should take advantage of every major social networking site and use each site to its fullest potential for their business' gain.

Google's plus one button.

Google Plus one

You may have noticed the Google plus one button across websites and search engine result screens. This button is Google's version of the like button or thumbs up button. This button is crucial to your business website. When people click on that button next to your URL, they are saying that your site is better than other sites. Google uses this button to help differentiate between low quality sites and high quality sites. Moreover, popular sites are appearing as recommended sites on Google+ via the sparks feature.

Google+'s features.

Google+ features like the sparks and circles feature can revolutionize online marketing. Business owners can create groups for loyal customers, other business owners, and business professionals with the circles feature. Sparks recommends content to people, using information that the user's friends have submitted to Google via the plus one button and what they share on the site. Therefore, the business owner's site and products can potentially be seen to friends and friends of friends without paying any advertising fees.


More importantly, this site already a lot of credibility thanks to the positive reputation Google has with many people. Therefore, millions of people are already a part of this site. As a business owner, the most important thing is to advertise where there are people. Every business owner needs to incorporate Google+ into their marketing strategy and utilize the site's benefits for marketers.

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