4 Reasons Why Google+ Is Superior to Facebook for Internet Marketing

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Most internet marketers know that social networking provides an excellent and low cost means of marketing a product. With social networking, marketers can get a sense for the average age, gender, and class of their customers. Social networking also allows marketers to directly market a product. Accounts on Facebook, MySpace or Google+ can yield substantial gains with relatively little effort.

Google+ vs Facebook

Google+ is Google's latest foray into the social networking world. Though Google claims that Google+ will not compete with Facebook, the similarities between the two services are striking. Both feature a photograph of the user and include photos and recent posts. Both networks feature a feed of information that displays updates from other users.

Despite these similarities, Google+ differs from Facebook: Google added features to Google+ that make it superior to Facebook in certain important ways. In particular, internet marketing is easier and better on Google+ for several reasons.

1: SEO Rankings
Google probably won't give its Google+ pages an explicit advantage in its search engine rankings, but you'd better believe Google's SEO is top notch, and that the Googlebot will come knocking regularly. Not only that, but Google is certain to create an open API (Active Programming Interface) that allows it to use data from Google+ in a variety of creative ways that will ultimately feed traffic to your website.

2: More Sophisticated and Wealthy User Base
Google+ is still a very young network. Right now, its user base is comprised almost exclusively of trendsetters who see Google+ as the next hot trend. That means that if you join Google+, they'll think of you as a trendsetter, too. Google+ users are the kind of people who are comfortable buying products over the internet. Moreover, they tend to exercise outside influence. Most Google+ users have both a Facebook and a Google+ account (Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, is on Google+) because they like to communicate with others. Play your cards right, and they'll be communicating about your website.

3: Multiple Accounts
A single Google+ account can serve the purpose of multiple Facebook accounts. This is because marketers can group contacts into discrete groups, called "circles." Each circle functions independently: you can send content to only certain circles, or to all your circles. For example, a post about a new product might go out to everyone, but a post about how you've bought a new car might go only to the circle that contains your friends. Imagine your Facebook account automatically grouped your friends into separate categories to get the idea behind Google+'s circles.

You can have many different "circles," so it's possible to use a separate circle for each of your businesses. This means there's no reason to maintain separate Google+ accounts for each business as you might with Facebook. You could even create separate circles for paying members and non-paying members of a website, or for business partners and for customers.

4: Timing
You can become an early adapter on Google+ if you hurry. This is well worth your time: like wine, Google+ pages improve with age. Anybody who makes a Facebook account for a business is at a disadvantage given the number of long-established competitors who have already done the same. But if you register with Google+, you can still be the 500 lb. gorilla in the room. There's plenty of time to establish a formidable presence on Google+, even if you don't yet have an account.

A recent search for the word "business" in Google+ only yielded a very few results, all of little known companies. Add your business and you're certain to generate easy traffic.

Charles Franklin Kettering famously observed: "There will always be a frontier where there is an open mind and a willing hand." A Google+ account is a frontier filled with opportunity. An account takes very little time to create and can yield large long term rewards.

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