What are Some Functions That Advertising Achieves for a Business?

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Advertising accomplishes many functions for a business. One key function of advertising concerns the process - producing ads brings messages about products and services to the attention of consumers. Although a business might use market research to gauge if advertising messages are effectively connecting with consumers, the effects of those messages might not match the company's goals. Here are four functions that effective advertising can achieve for your business:

Connecting With the Right Audience
It's important for advertising to connect with the right audience. A cereal company advertises during Saturday morning cartoons when parents and kids are likely watching TV. This careful match between advertiser and target audience is effective, and it has a positive effect on parents. Through some commercials, for example, parents learn nutritional facts about breakfast cereal that will inform their cereal purchases when they visit the supermarket.

Persuading the Audience
When companies create advertising messages, their goal is to persuade an audience to purchase their product or service. Companies get higher profits when they can reap the rewards of increased sales due directly to advertisements. That's why companies use persuasive language in most ads. They either make a direct ploy to consumers or provide information in a roundabout fashion, suggesting why a consumer would benefit from their product or service.

Sustaining Interest
Advertising also sustains consumer interest in a brand of products or services. American consumers might have heard of David Cook when he performed weekly on "American Idol." In future years, to remind consumers about his brand, Cook's company can create ads in different media where fans are likely to be. Creating ads for his next album, if applicable, would have a positive effect on fans. They could use these ads as a cue to watch for his next album and even pre-order it if desired.

Building Relationships
Companies use advertising to build long-term relationships with customers, giving them information to use when they shop. Not all ads will discuss a specific product, but they will make the company brand look appealing. The effect on the consumer is either to buy or not to buy the brand. For example, a mom might not buy Jell-O gelatin every week, but when her child gets tonsillitis, she might select the Jell-O brand pudding pops in the freezer case because she knows the brand. Or, she might buy store-brand pops if she has a tight budget.

Regardless of why you begin advertising for your business, it's important to match the type of advertising and the ad messages with your advertising goals and desired effects. When you create advertising effectively, your business can interact with audiences and increase sales.

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