Why you Shouldn't Rely on Daily Deals Marketing

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The end of Groupon

Thanks to sites like Groupon, a different type of marketing strategy was made available to business marketers not too long ago. It's called daily deals marketing, and many companies have taken advantage of it recently.

Business owners could team up with Groupon, Yelp and Facebook deals to advertise special promotions and coupons for their company, which helped to bring in many new customers. However, some unfortunate news about Facebook deals and Groupon is making many business owners regret the time and investment they put in to their daily deals marketing strategy.

After only four months of operation, Facebook abandoned its daily deals feature. It wasn't appealing to Facebook users, and the developers did not want to invest too much time into a feature that wasn’t going to help connect customers with business owners.

Additionally, Yelp dropped its daily deals feature after a year of it being in operation. Instead, the site has returned its focus to local business reviews.

Lastly, Groupon - the company responsible for making the daily marketing strategy popular - recently lost 50 percent of its market share and web traffic, making some private investors withdraw their funds from the company. The site is placing much of its focus on its geo-location feature that offers deals based on a user's location, called Groupon Now.

Many experts speculate that the exponential and quick growth of this type of marketing strategy and the creation of many other daily deals businesses is what caused the marketing strategy to lose its appeal with customers. Too many daily advertisements created a negative effect with customers.

However, this is not to say that the daily deals marketing strategy is a complete waste of time and money, but business owners and marketers would be wise to focus on stronger marketing strategies and not invest too much in daily deals. More daily deal companies may close in the near future, leaving business owners with lost investments.

Some business owners are turning their focus to geo-location apps that offer deals to customers based on accomplishments. Apps like Foursqaure help connect local businesses with customers. Business owners can create special coupons or discounts for customers who complete a certain task for that business, such as checking in four times in a month or bringing a certain amount of friends with them. This type of marketing strategy is engaging and fun for both business owners and customers.

Regardless of marketing strategies, business owners should always focus much of their time in their own website and social media pages. A business website and social media accounts are things that will always help business owners create their own brand for their company, as well as attracting new customers and developing a loyal customer base.

Whether you decide to invest your time and money in daily deals marketing is something you must decide for yourself. However, keep this information in mind when determining your next course of action for your company. You must always be wise about your marketing strategy.

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