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Twitter is a real-time information network that enables its users to send and read text-based posts of up to 140 characters, informally known as "tweets." From the day it was launched by its creator, Jack Dorsey in 2006, over 200 million users is actively connecting and sending messages over the internet as of 2011.

Boosting your company's presence online by creating a Twitter account would be one of the best decisions you made for your business. Though it may seem to be a small-scale type of network, over the years Twitter has become substantially helpful in community building. It provides a venue for your company and existing customers to contact and establish strong relationships while enticing new followers. Almost all Twitter users are hyper-connected meaning they are usually influencers who really want to share their opinions with other people. If you can take a hold of these people, they can serve as your pipelines to other niche market since most of them manage their own blogs and other social networking sites.

Considering various factors before starting your own Twitter account with clear objectives and targets in mind will bring you the greatest benefits for your company and add value to your customers in the process. One can follow basic steps in order to maximize your presence in Twitter.

Tweet often.
After establishing your company's profile on Twitter, you should increase your presence among active users by tweeting often. And do not just tweet to get noticed. Messages should contain valuable, clear and direct to the point information you want to convey. But always remember that tweeting often is good as long as you provide enough time and opportunity for people to respond between tweets.

Find others and follow them.
If you are just starting on Twitter, it is better to follow others first. Keep in mind that if you are sending messages with relevant content, people will definitely find you. However, maintaining a balanced ratio of the people you are following and the number of followers creates credibility and authority. As courtesy to users, it is just polite to follow back those who follow your account since they have shown interest in your endeavors.

Use Twitter to offer discounts and freebies.
Offer incentives to users when they spread or retweet your company's links through a hashtag post. This way, the users get involved in your marketing strategy and with a use of unique codes, you can successfully track your campaign.

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