Boost Sales: 12 Tips For Creating a More Effective Shopping Cart Page

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Online Shopping Cart Optimization

Shopping cart page optimization has become an essential part of maximizing sales for online retailers. As competition increases for new customers and repeat business, it's important to do everything you can to convert visitors into buyers and create loyal customers. Many successful online retailers use the following techniques to make their shopping cart pages more efficient. With regular testing, they could improve your conversion rates too.

Include Product Thumbnail Images
When visitors arrive on their shopping cart page, they don't always remember every item they placed in their cart. Remember that they’re not as familiar with the product names as you are, so a simple product image will prevent any confusion at this important stage.

Offer Delivery Charge Concessions
Make it clear how much customers have to spend in order to qualify for free shipping. Excessive delivery charges are one of the main causes of shopping cart abandonment, so giving potential customers the incentive of free shipping can often lead to further purchases.

Cross-Sell and Promote Add-On Products
The shopping cart page is arguably the best place to recommend similar products to the items already in the cart. If a customer is about to purchase a laptop, for example, showing a few images of related laptop cases can increase purchases. Just make sure you don't interfere with the checkout process.

Show a Progress Bar
Many customers don't want to spend too much time checking out. A progress bar will highlight the simplicity of checking out and show where they are in the process. Make sure the action buttons (such as "Continue" and "Place Order") are above the fold and also at the end of the form.

Indicate Stock Levels
One of the best ways of promoting a sense of urgency is informing customers when a product is low in stock. You don't have to say exactly how many items you have left, but a simple warning before a product has completely sold out can push indecisive customers in the right direction.

Display Security and Privacy Logos Prominently
Online shoppers need assurances from a trusted source. For this reason, security and privacy seals are crucial to building trust. The Verisign Trust Seal, BBB Accredited Business Seal, and Truste Privacy Seal are all good examples that will boost the confidence of visitors.

Make the "Proceed to Checkout" Button Stand Out
It sounds obvious, but many online retailers still fail to make the "Checkout" button conspicuous. Make sure it stands out more than any other button on the page. Studies have shown that orange is one of the most effective button colors to use. And remember to place it above the fold, away from distracting images or text.

Offer Alternative Payment Methods
Credit card purchases online are becoming less common, as customers look toward easier, alternative methods of payment. Increasingly, customers are using methods like PayPal and Bill Me Later. Don't miss out on these payment trends to increase your conversion rates.

Provide Guest Checkout
Although customers who register with your site will probably have a better shopping experience, not all visitors want to be remembered. Recent studies confirm that around 20 percent of online shoppers will abandon their shopping cart if they have to register. Improve conversions by offering guest checkout for visitors who want more privacy.

Show Contact Details
Displaying your customer support telephone number on the shopping cart page can be a reassuring sign for many visitors. Offering this extra line of communication can help resolve any issues that stand in the way of a sale.

Include "Wish Lists" and Saved Carts
Nowadays, more online shoppers browse sites to compare products and prices. By giving people the means to save shopping cart contents and by offering a "Wish List" section, visitors are more likely to return and buy. Give shoppers an incentive to return by making it clear how long the saved items will remain in their shopping cart.

Display Return and Exchange Policies
A complicated return and exchange policy will stop many customers from proceeding further than the shopping cart page. Reduce customer anxiety by showing your policies clearly on this page.

With the help of some or all of these strategies, you should see an improvement in your shopping cart abandonment rates. By testing each method independently, or combining several techniques, you can establish which tactics improve customer engagement and increase sales the most.

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