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Advertising an online business is done to drive more traffic to a website. The page on the website that visitors are directed to is a landing page. Whether prospective customers are directed to a business' landing page via a web search, banner ad, or e-mail message, the goal is the same; to make a visitor become a customer. This isn't easy, but with an effective landing page, visitors will be compelled to return to your site and become customers. There are several considerations when building an effective landing page.

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Don't bait and switch. The links should direct visitors to what the visitor expects. Visitors don't want to be strung along to have to sort through, read, or click through a few pages before they get to the page that they wanted to see in the first place. Many will give up or get distracted before they get to there. Visitors don't want to feel conned before they can give a landing page and a business a chance. If a visitor expects to see information about a product, that landing page should have information about that product.

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Think bullet points. Highlight information that will be valuable to the visitor in a language that is easy to understand. The copy shouldn't be densely formatted. Instead, format the information in an easy to read and logical structure. A page should be visually appealing without too much video, animation or pictures. Visitors are flooded with information all over the Internet on websites and in their e-mail inbox. You don't want to get drowned out by all of the others. If a customer walks into an office that is cluttered and badly organized, they will not have much confidence in the product or service offered.

Don't make big promises, stress benefits over features. What can your business do for the visitor? Promises of numbers without knowing the business will not be credible. Stress the benefits that have been popular with previous clients. Everyone wants to see the bells and whistles, but if all they see mentioned are just that, the visitor may think a company is all about the bells and whistles and is not credible and cannot deliver.

Treat landing pages as first impressions. A business's landing page should be a reflection of the business. A visitors' first impression of a landing page is also important to consider as it is the customer's first impression of the business. The same consideration you give to how your brand is marketed on your website or your products should be reflected in the company's landing page.

Answer the visitors' questions and try to anticipate the questions the visitor may ask before they ask them. Consider answering the questions asked by previous clients as they are likely to have the same concerns as new visitors. Chances are that several businesses are offering the same services on the internet, why should they pick yours?

Landing pages are difficult for a company to build with increasing competition all over the internet. With the right tools, a company's landing page can increase revenue with loyal customers.

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