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Although thought to be old fashioned and ineffective, e-mail marketing can be profitable for any business. But the strategy's success depends on the e-mail list of subscribers. Building a list of subscribers with high response rates depend on the list's quality and size. Developing a list can be challenging, even for experienced marketers, whether just beginning the list or managing a list with millions of contacts. Maintaining a list through regular management can reap huge returns in efficiency and repeat business from loyal customers.

Ask your current subscribers to forward the newsletter to friends. Current subscribers are already familiar with the products or services you provide and may be willing to endorse a familiar company to other friends or colleagues. Add a link for them to forward the newsletter to other prospective clients. Forwarded recommendations from a trusted source could increase sales. An incentive for current subscribers may encourage them to do so.

Don't be too professional. Communication on the company's website and in a newsletter may come off as very stuffy if it sounds too professional. With all of the formal communication we receive professionally, it may be refreshing to read something a little more personal or humorous. Let a little of the company's personality come through in the marketing language. People develop business relationships with people.

Signup for your e-mail list should be easy. Put the sign-up form in hard to miss locations. Also, don't ask for too much information. Avoid asking for a mailing address and any other information that isn't necessary. Between the inconvenience and privacy concerns of personal information, prospective customers may prefer not to opt in. If you do have a privacy policy, don't hesitate to mention it. Prospective customers will respect it and it may give them reassurance for further confirming their subscription to your e-mail list.

A thank you page will remind visitors to confirm their e-mail address. When visitors to your business' website do choose to subscribe to your e-mail list, treat them like customers and facilitate ease of the process. A reminder that the double opt-in system for confirming subscription to a company's e-mail list will keep them from forgetting to complete the process. If their expectation of a follow up e-mail is managed, they are more likely to understand the process, anticipate the confirmation e-mail, and follow through to confirm their e-mail address.

Manage the list. Tracking how the subscriber was introduced to the list could prove to be useful. Track what elicits responses from subscribers as well. Understanding which elements of an e-mail campaign are most successful could help your business repeat the same responses and build business in the future. Many e-mail marketing software packages include forms for subscribers to leave feedback on why they are unsubscribing. Don't let that go directly in the trash, if they took the time to leave feedback, take the time to read them. This data can hold valuable information that may be true for your business to retain current subscribers. Analysis may reveal that your target groups may not be correct or you may be sending e-mails too frequently.

Segment the list. Breaking down the list could be useful to provide different content to different target groups. Different groups may find different segments of the business's provided services or products more relevant to them. Some incentives may be more relevant to some groups as well.

Send e-mail regularly. Provide value in the e-mail. Added value could be provided through a newsletter with information. An incentive in the newsletter that changes regularly could drive subscribers to read the newsletter and take advantage of the incentive. Forget sending elaborate graphics in your messages or newsletters. If subscribers are reading the newsletter on different devices or different programs, the formatting may not be visible as intended.

Don't overlook offline methods. Look for opportunities in activities in which company representatives are currently participating in regularly. If representatives attend trade shows, be sure to give visitors an opportunity to give representatives their e-mail address to be added to the e-mail list.

Whether a business offers products or services, including e-mail marketing can be profitable. Effective managing of an e-mail list is important to send valuable content and maintain an effective campaign.

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