10 Ecommerce Link Building Strategies For Your Online Store

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There are various ways to optimize your online store to attract more targeted traffic. As part of an overall marketing strategy, link building can be one of the most cost-effective SEO tactics. Following are some of the most effective ways to improve the quantity and quality of inbound links, and therefore attract more targeted traffic from the search engines.

Add a Coupon Code Page
An exclusive deal is highly attractive to regular internet shoppers. Nowadays, many online shoppers search for coupon codes before even browsing a site. Consider creating an individual page for deals and coupons to improve your search engine results for deal-specific searches. Visitors can also share and link to deals on your site.

Create Exclusive Content on the Product Pages
Try placing relevant, interesting, and original content within your product pages. Whether these are informative articles or downloadable ebooks, the exclusive nature of the content will help attract more relevant traffic right into the heart of your online store.

Link Building With Separate Customer Review Pages
Customer reviews and ratings not only improve the credibility of online stores, they can also translate into more positive links, which can lead to higher rankings with the search engines. For maximum SEO impact, try introducing separate review pages for certain products, with links back to the product page.

Hold a Contest or Giveaway
Rather than hosting a contest or giveaway on a separate page, embed the entry form into your homepage or on every product page. To optimize the link building potential, contact multiple blogs in your niche, offering them the exclusive news of your giveaway. As well as helping out other bloggers with new material, it's a quick and cost-effective way to promote your brand.

Secure Blog Reviews to Boost Links
Bloggers regularly need original content to write about. Why not offer a free product or service in exchange for a review of one of your products on their blog (with a link to your site)? By obtaining links to specific product pages, you can be sure that you are driving more qualified traffic to your site.

Network on Forums
There are thousands of niche forums online. Find out which forums your current and potential customers are visiting and join in the conversation. Once you've made a certain number of contributions, many forums allow "follow" links that can link back to your site.

Don't Be Afraid to Ask
There's no harm in asking other members of the ecommerce community to link back to your site. If your products or services relate in some way to their business, you can offer to link to their site in return. As well as other businesses, what other relationships could you harness for link building? Family, friends, and colleagues may own sites that you can build reciprocal links with. It's also worthwhile asking customers to link back to your site, especially regular customers who are willing to recommend your products and services.

Create Quality Business Profiles
You may already have a listing on Google Places without even knowing it. Claim your place on this platform and make sure all your company information is up to date. Other sites to submit your online store to include Manta, LinkedIn, DMOZ, and JoeAnt. Simply being on these directories could enhance your position within the major search engine results pages.

Produce Product Videos
Video marketing has grown significantly in the last few years, and most ecommerce sites can benefit from video content. Not only will it help improve your SEO power, it can improve website usability and create many inbound links from visitors who like to share content. Why not create a memorable product video and post it to YouTube?

Launch a Company Blog
If you don't have one already, a business blog is a great way to attract prospects and customers with original content. By including company news, free advice, promotions. and entertaining articles, you can attract more readers, generate more inbound links, and stimulate sales.

As with all websites, fluid navigation, high quality product images, and well-defined content with relevant keywords is crucial to improving your SEO power. Ecommerce sites have to be more creative, but by following some of these link building strategies, you should be able to increase your online presence and drive more high quality traffic to your site.

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