Advertising Considerations for Small Business Owners

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In a small business, you should use advertising to create awareness in the minds of consumers. Because there are different ways to advertise goods and services, it's important to pick the most efficient ways to deliver your advertising messages. If you're studying the impact of your advertising messages, consider the target audiences, or segments of society, that are most likely to buy what your company sells. Four aspects of advertising that can influence the success of your advertising campaign are brand competition, market research, consumer appeal, and selling advantages.

Brand Competition
Advertising efforts of large companies make it harder for smaller companies to compete in the same advertising markets. For example, if you want to launch your own touch-screen computer like an iPad, your small business must compete with the existing feelings and perceptions in the same market, such as the emotional attachment that loyal customers feel for the iPad brand. Your brand can succeed if your advertising campaign creates interest in a new product that stands apart from competitors like iPad.

Market Research
Consider your audiences and how they will receive your ad messages. For example, conduct market research and consider how different advertising strategies will impact your company's reputation. If you sell children's products, you probably wouldn't use a photo spread of a bikini-clad model, which has a definite physical appeal, to advertise your company.

Consumer Appeal
Your small business might need to hire an advertising agency or an in-house advertising expert to generate advertising content. This person can help you use whichever advertising approach you desire to create awareness of your goods. Build a working relationship with an advertising specialist, either internal or external, that fits your business ethics and your company's image. You can appeal to customers without sacrificing your own ethics.

Selling Advantages
One of the negative consequences customers might feel after consuming your ads and buying your product or service concerns the advantages you propose they get in exchange for their purchase. In reality, customers may or may not recover all advantages that you make in a sales pitch through ads. Only promise what you’re sure your company can deliver without exaggerating, making competitors look bad or making a less-than-honest appeal to customers for their business.

Advertising efforts should produce both short-term and long-term benefits for your company. For example, each new ad campaign should encourage a new segment of consumers to try your product. If you don't see any change in sales after deploying an ad campaign, then it's time to hire a different advertising expert or agency.

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