Link Building Strategies: Can SEO Efforts Harm a Website?

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Many website owners look for easier ways to build their site as an authority within a chosen niche. There are literally hundreds of methods to fast track websites popularity online. Some of these methods are good but many others can cause long-term detrimental effects on a website.

Although major search engines may deny that they penalise websites for duplicate content issues or other black hat methods choosing these types of strategies can negatively affect your website.

Link building mistakes.

Any blogger or website owner who has been developing a site over time understands that building links to their site is most important. Many will know that building links is a key factor in SEO. This can be disputed however because the value of back links is not equal in the eyes of the search engines.

Is coming links from high quality and high ranking sites are considered the most valuable. Links coming in from Link exchange sites and directory submission services can essentially negatively affect your website ranking.

It is a good rule to remember that building back links needs to be a gradual and steady process. Paying for a service that instantly gets your site thousands of back links might seem like a good idea but can actually damage your sites ranking with the search engines. Search engines can evaluate a mass of links coming in to your website in a short period of time as trying to manipulate their authority.

Why spamming forums and blogs is a bad idea.

Although it should not need to be explained, spamming by making excessive amount of comments on blogs or on forums can negatively affect your online reputation. The website owner may be listed as a spammer and their IP address may be blacklisted.

Forums in a chosen niche are a great place to gain information and participate within the forum community and should never be abused. Most forums will allow the web site owner to place a link to their website within the profile section. If website owners participate positively on the forum, other members of the forum may naturally visit the profile page and possibly visit the website from that link.
Website owners posting spam comments in forums or blogs that are overly self-promotional are considered to be rude and risk being banned from the forum or blacklisted on the blogs.

Plagiarism, stealing other people's content.

Many people who are new to blogging or writing content for websites can be intimidated by creating high-quality content that is effectively optimized for the search engines. Rather than learning the skills needed, many will take the easy way and steal or copy and paste other people's content. This is considered to be highly unethical, inappropriate and morally wrong.

Plagiarism is a most serious offence. Those who are caught plagiarising cannot only be detrimentally affected through search engine rankings but also may find themselves being banned from affiliate and other m. If website owners have difficulty in writing their own original content then there is always the option to outsource content writing.

There are risks in using multiple domain suffixes.

Domain sellers often offer a great deal when registering for a domain name; they may offer the domain buyer the same URL with the suffix of .info, .biz, .net or .org extensions when a .com is purchased.

If the website owner has the intention of creating mirror sites for all of the extensions purchased, all of the sites having identical content, the search engines will penalise for this. Some website owners will try this tactic expecting that all the websites will point back to the main website. In actual fact this will generally result in a 301 redirect of all the URLs except for the main website. This does not benefit the website owner and will in fact negatively affect the main site and waste countless hours of work.

When choosing to build off page SEO in the form back links it is best to keep quality in mind. There are many services online that will offer massive amount of back links in a very short time at a very competitive price. Many fast back link building services can actually harm the website and not help it. Spamming and plagiarism can also negatively affect the ranking of your website and it is best to be mindful of all those common mistakes before preparing your link building strategy.

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