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A blog may have thousands of unique visitors each month, but earn the blogger little revenue via Google's AdSense program. There are a few ways to turn that high traffic into high earnings, even if the blog brings ads with low CPC or cost-per-click.

The Blog's Purpose

Understand what it is that brings visitors to your blog. What is the site's intention? If it is simply to make money via the ads on the page, it is going to be obvious in your content and it will not be financially successful. Determine what message you want your readers to take away with them, and give them what they want.

Your Blog's Bounce Rate

If your blog has high traffic with little or no revenue, it could have a high bounce rate. This means that people visit your site, but for any number of reasons decide not to stay. The bounce rate is generally related to the blog's quality and ease-of-use. Look for ways to add value to keep your readers on your blog for as long as possible, hopping from one page to the next.

  • Link to other posts or pages within your blog, but set the links to open in a new window.
  • Write well-researched and provocative articles that will encourage comments.
  • Ensure the blog is user-friendly, easy on the eyes, and not cluttered with an over-abundance of ads.
  • Too many gadgets and pop-ups will irritate and distract your readers.
  • Ensure content is unique, and work to improve poorly written or weak content by tweaking and editing it.
  • Write content naturally. This does not mean you should avoid keywords, but keep the keyword percentages at a reasonable level. Rework any pages that appear over-optimized.
  • Use honest SEO or search engine optimization. If the search engine results bring up an article in your blog based on a certain searched keyword, you will want to be sure the page offers full information related to that keyword. Avoid adding keywords willy-nilly unless you are sure they enrich the content, and that the content responds to the searcher's question.
  • Write content that offers more than that of your competitors.
  • Encourage subscribers.
  • Give your readers attractive pages. Offer them a video to view or good images related to the content. Change a boring page into one with a little pizazz.
  • Create a trustworthy site with pages that include an "About Me" page, a "Privacy Policy" and "Contact" page.
  • Update your blog every day if possible, by adding something interesting, like a daily news story that relates to the theme of your blog. You can find news stories by setting up a Google Alert for any and all news stories that relate to your blog. If your blog is about business, set up the Google Alert in "news" for "Business".

The Super Secret Google Premium Adsense Club

If your website or high-traffic blog brings one million visitors per month, and if the blog is noticed by Google and viewed as a quality site with a low bounce rate, you might be invited to join the super secret Google Premium Adsense club. There isn't lot of information available on Google's premium AdSense accounts, because all members sign a non-disclosure contract. But the ads it offers are slicker and more impressive. They actually look like they could be content, rather than ad blocks. These ads generate much more revenue than the usual AdSense ads and getting them is something a blogger with high traffic should strive for. Google notices high-traffic sites, but it also notices quality. If you hope to get this invitation, you need to get noticed.

The Importance of Ad Placement

Most web developers test the ad block placements in different locations. It is the ideal way to determine the best conversions.

If the ad blocks are tucked away on the bottom of the page, they will not be visible to the visitor. For the best visibility, ads should be placed where the readers eyes are focused, either above the page, within the content, or off to the side. The 728 x 90 banner ads have higher CPC and if these are placed above the content, they will be visible. These banners are known to have good click-through rates.

The goal is not to clutter up the page with ads, but to integrate them in an unobtrusive way. The pure content should be represented on approximately 80% of the page.

Google targets ads that will suit your page content, but it is possible to block certain ads. While this feature is generally used to block ads from competing sites, it can also be used to block ads with low CPC, but it would be an ongoing job to ensure they are eliminated. Good keyword research is the best way to ensure Google places higher paying ads on your blog pages. And good SEO will ensure your site ranks well. High ranking sites generally get higher paying ads.

Product Reviews

Creating product reviews is a good way to encourage those ad-clicks. If readers visit a page on your blog that mentions a new widget, those readers are likely in the market for that particular widget. Since Google sends targeted ads, the odds of getting those widget ads on your page will increase, and so will the click-through rates. While it is important to add content that enhances the reader's experience on your blog, a few scattered product reviews will enhance your pocket book.

Time, Trial, Error and Patience

It can take years for a blog or website to become financially successful, even if it has high traffic. High traffic does not always convert into revenue, although it should. And if it isn't converting in your blog, you may have a high bounce rate, and issues within the blog that need to be addressed. Study your blog carefully using the points mentioned above to determine those issues as well as how to repair them.

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