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Online business owners put much of their focus towards their SEO strategy. However, many business owners forget to focus on their CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) strategy. In fact, some business owners have thousands of people visiting their site on a daily basis, but only few people are converted into customers.

One thing to understand, however, is that a converted visitor is simply a visitor who answered your call to action. This may mean a sale, but it can also mean signing up for a newsletter, or additional information. As long as you are accomplishing your goals, you are converting visitors.

If your site has a low conversion rate, consider these top three tips for converting visitors.

1. Reconstruct your content.

Your content is the key to converting visitors. If your content is not properly constructed, your visitors may simply click out of your site. First, you must understand that online readers scan the text they read, usually in the shape of the letter F. Knowing this, you should make your strongest points in the beginning of the text, and a couple lines below the first line.

Second, if your content is not persuasive, you will have a hard time converting visitors. While it is true that many people do not like being sold to, subtly persuading them to purchase your product does not cause any harm. You should be using persuasion techniques like reciprocation and expectancy. By offering something of value, such as free information, your visitors will feel compelled to reciprocate, preferably by answering your call to action. By asking a multitude of rhetorical questions that require the answer “yes,” you can ask a big question or favor that will influence your visitors to follow the trend of answering with a yes.

Third, use relevant keywords. If your goal is to sell eye shadow makeup, your content should include keywords that relate to eye shadow makeup. You need to place yourself into your visitors shoes – what would you search for? The keywords you would use in a search engine to find your company should be in your content. Moreover, it may help to put relevant keywords in bold or near the top of the page.

2. Remove ads.

If you sell products from your site, do not use ads. Many people think they are maximizing their profits by placing ads on their site, but they may actually be losing large profits. Ads only pay cents per click. Are your products less than a dollar? If they are not, why would you want your visitors to click on those ads when you can sell them your product?

Moreover, many people have a negative stipulation against advertisements on websites, mostly because spam and scam sites have multiple ads in them. During the first years of the Internet, many people took advantage of scamming others using websites, and those sites had multiple ads and flash graphics. People now see multiple ads as a red flag; additionally, Google discourages multiple ads on a single site.

3. Keep your site organized.

Your visitors should find it easy to navigate through your site. If you are selling one product, you should only have one page for that product. Do not confuse your visitor with various html texts. Give them one main article that lists the benefits of your product. Make that one article your sales pitch. Do not force your visitors to sift through pages of content, trying to find the information they are looking for.

Additionally, do not use contrasting colors. Studies show that blending colors works best. It is easier on the eyes and less distracting; also, it looks professional. You do not have to have a professionally made site if you know how to color coordinate your site and create a simple layout.

These are the three most important things you can do for your site to increase your conversion rate. Implement these tips properly, but also pay close attention to what does and does not work on your site. There are various analytical and testing software programs that can help you determine that.

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