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if SEO fails you can buy traffic


There comes a time when search engine optimization fails. This is the moment that one can no longer improve their website in search engines (or the field may be too competitive to rank higher) and so business begins to become stagnant.

This article will explore how advertising services, such as those offered by FullTraffic, can become an excellent boost in profitability in the event that SEO no longer has the effect it once did.

Why Search Engine Optimization Isn't Everything

Search engine optimization may be the golden ticket to increasing online sales and building a high traffic website for the long-run, but competition is tough and there are many companies that spend hundreds of thousands of dollars every year for their SEO campaigns. Compared to a budget of a small business, there is no way the small guy can compete.

Another failure point of search engine optimization is the total time invested in order to see significant results. SEO is a long-term process which can often take years to see high search results for very competitive keywords. Compared to advertising, which has direct results after a campaign is launched, SEO can cause discouragement and often falls to the wayside for businesses just starting out.

Finally, search engine optimization is such a large investment that focusing on the wrong keyword and heading down the wrong path could ultimately discourage website owners from continuing their work. Low-quality traffic is coming to their website, obscuring their data and forcing the website owner to make business decisions which are influenced by the wrong market.

When SEO Fails, Paid Advertising Steps In

Search engine optimization is not the end-all be-all of gaining website visitors. A tried and true method that has always been effective is paid advertising. FullTraffic provides a variety of options for purchasing website traffic along with additional criteria to receive quality traffic based on sources that are far more likely to purchase a product or service compared to someone researching through the web.

Here is a short overview of the advertising options from FullTraffic:

  • Set up a campaign to display your advertisement upon the FullTraffic ad network which reaches over five million websites and has more than 12 million impressions each day. It is recommended to have a full page advertisement as your home page with the advertisement clear, concise and focused to capture the visitor the moment they land on the page.
  • You may choose to run your advertisement on the "Global Package" option which sends unfiltered visitors to your advertisement. Another option is to use IP specific traffic which can be set based on the country and categories (which are based on the websites the advertisements will be displayed upon).
  • Fund your campaign and your advertisement will be up and running in a relatively short amount of time.

Once your advertisement is running, you will begin to see the flow of traffic increase on your website as the campaign rolls onward. Advertisements on the FullTraffic ad network will need to be approved prior to release to adhere to the terms of service. Once running, you can begin to check the status of your campaign within the Live Stats dashboard.

In time, you will see a significant increase in traffic as your campaign continues to run. Optimization and testing plays an important key role for successful advertising campaigns. A constant split test between headlines, images and call-to-actions will increase the click through rate of your ads which in turn, increases your conversions (and potentially sales depending on your campaign).

FullTraffic provides a variety of tiers for advertising traffic. Small websites can take full advantage of smaller packages that start as low as $15 while larger companies can invest in gigantic campaigns that can send millions of visitors to an advertisement (which comes at a higher price tag, respectively).

Direct advertising proves time and time again to be a powerful option for gaining traction on the web when search engine optimization fails. Of course, each of these elements of gaining exposure can be combined and should be a major consideration when building a business website in order to sell products and services. Integrate direct advertising into your website and you will surely see significant returns. FullTraffic is the perfect place to begin.

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