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The authority of a website gives credibility and influence within an industry or niche, which ultimately results in a greater online presence, sales and community. Authority is not a trait that is built overnight but comes as a result of being extremely helpful, consistent and understanding of what makes people perceive this stance when they are using the web. This article will explore ten of the different ways to begin building authority with your website from scratch.


Website Authority


1. Providing Incredibly Valuable Content

The easiest path to build authority is to deliver fresh, incredibly valuable content throughout your website. Your website will act like a salesperson, it will be there to explain your brand, where you stand within your industry and convince visitors into inquiring more from what you have to offer. Your content is the vehicle for sharing your knowledge so create a great presence through content and you will begin to build momentum within your industry because of the value you deliver to people.

2. Displaying a Trustworthy Brand

There are millions of websites on the web and a large majority of them are personal websites. But many are automated and create a false sense of community and value. The path to building authority for a website comes down to being able to be trustworthy in your message and culture. People want to work with real individuals so show how you are there to deliver a great experience through your brand and people will become loyal to it.

3. Social Proof

People trust others and develop a sense of authority through the way others perceive your brand. This is the basis of social proof. Social proof comes down to being able to show that your word is your bond. It can come from showing off real numbers of your followers, details about your business from the inside-out and the results of your online efforts that impact others across the web. In essence, larger numbers of social media shares exposes your business and being personal can build your social proof which in turn, increases your authority.

4. Overall Online Presence

People are online for a large majority of their day whether it's in front of the computer or connecting through their smart phone. Not every individual will find your website through search engines. This means that you should be represented on other websites and platforms such as social media circles, newspapers, forums, micro blogging communities and more. The further you spread your influence and are seen everywhere at once, the better the results of building authority.

5. Expertise of Topics

Cycling back, content is the vehicle for building authority but within content, you should be doing everything within your power to become the expert of the topics you cover with your content. Authority is built based on providing valuable content but the only way to display this trait is to have expertise within the topic you are talking about. Expertise will help others gravitate to you and your website as a resource which, in due time, develops into authority when you begin to capture it through your audience.

6. Clientele and Associations

Social proof is the idea of showing off social media numbers and internal documentation to prove you say who you are but another element of building authority externally is to share your clientele and associations. If you've earned a great award for your work, then be proud of it and display it on the website. Authority can be created by association so if you've been quoted by a major newspaper, blog or presented on influential networks, then all of these could become sources for authority building on your website.

7. Audience Response and Care

The way you treat your audience is another element of building authority that many individuals forget about. The people that are visiting your website are your audience. They make or break you. You should always be as helpful as possible to your community all the while providing them with a great experience that shows that you care for their time and resources. When others see you treat community members with respect, it will get them interested in joining into the community as well.

8. Consistency

There is no point in doing your best only half the time when building authority. Consistency is vitally important in order to build your community and website authority because it helps you keep a level of value and expertise with each message you push to the web; whether it's through a blog post or the basic pages such as "About Us". Before any interaction online, keep a small checklist to ensure your message is consistent to your brand, tone and value you wish to deliver to the community. This will help you avoid embarrassing moments that could make others lose trust in your website.

9. Web Rankings

Although it's not the most important factor, web rankings are important nonetheless because it shows others that your website is worthwhile. The higher results in search engines are the result of this ability to be consistent in great information and have great influence over your industry. Most of the web rankings for your website will come naturally from delivering new content, but you can certainly begin a proactive campaign to manually gain higher rankings through link building and search engine optimization. In due time, once you've gained top ranking for your main keywords, you will have a greater sense of authority because people will be far more likely to land on your website when searching for topics in your field.

10. Uniqueness

Uniqueness is an odd item to list for building authority but it is one of the elements that help a website get noticed in a flood of millions of websites and blogs. A unique angle, voice and tone of the website will speak loudly to individuals that are over the mainstream approach to an online presence. A website can create a unique presence by taking a different stance on a topic, providing information in a different manner or just be worded in a way that speaks to a selective audience using the language individuals would be using instead of coming across as dry and boring.

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