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Too often website owners spends hours of their time and hundreds of dollars trying to increase the number of visitors to their web sites. The common misconception is that traffic translates into dollars. This is simply not the case. Website visitor are not the same as web site customers.

Good web site traffic is only the first step to earn money online. Website owners who want to make their marketing dollars pay off must be able to turn their web site browsers into buyers. There is no better way to convert surfers into customers than to develop a good website landing page.


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What is a landing page?

A landing page is usually the first point of contact for visitors on a web site. This is the page that a surfer is directed to after a click on a link ad. If a landing page is not effectively designed, chances are that a visitor will simply click the back arrow and never return. Website owners have one chance to convert the visitor to a paying customer. Effective landing pages are a crucial tool in the success of any online business.

How to create a better landing page

People read a book and a web site very differently. This should come as no surprise to anyone who spends any amount of time online. Research shows that visitors of websites scan, rather than read online content. In the academic article, "Not Quite the Average: An Empirical Study of Web Use, " the authors reveal that only 28% of the text on any web page is actually read by visitors. This leaves a lot unread. Proper landing page creation needs to take in account that on average only a quarter of the page's content will be read.

Make sure the landing page is relevant

Visitors most likely arrive on a landing page because of a click. The writing style of the landing page should try to match as closely as possible to the style of the ad or link that drove the visitor to the site. A similar writing style connects the ad with the landing page and visitors are more likely to read the content. Multiple landing pages are appropriate if website traffic is generated from a variety of different sources.

Be sure to divide the message into chunks

Since web site readers ignore almost 75% of a web site's text, effective landing pages are designed into short sections. Every section of a landing page must be easily scannable. This means that each section should be one, or at most two, short paragraphs. All paragraphs must focus on only one point and these points must be easily understood.


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Landing pages need to be clear

Concise writing and excellent organization is a mark of a good landing page. Headings and subheading are fantastic tool for organization. Bullet points may be used to summarize important parts of the landing page prior to the final call for action in order to remind visitors of the salient points from the landing page.

Make the call to action simple

Landing pages are worthless if the visitor does not take an action to become a customer of the website. A call to action answers the readers question, "Okay, so I am interested. What do I do now?" The call to action can be purchasing a product, signing up for a newsletter or requesting more information. Effective landing pages make fulfilling the call to action easy. This can be done by streamlining a sign-up form or making the purchase of a product as easy as possible. The harder it is to answer the call to action, fewer people will heed it.

A landing page can be the single most important part of a successful online business. Website owners should not be afraid to experiment with several landing page designs before deciding wish ones are the most effective for their online business.

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