7 Monumental Strategies for Building Quality Backlinks

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Backlinks are king to the search engine spiders that are continuously crawling through the internet, gathering information. The information gathered by the search engines is used to populate the search engine results pages. Backlinks are the best way for a website to gain a higher page rank plus gain authority.

1. Testimonials - A monumental marketing strategy that can serve multiple purposes is for the business to use testimonials from their customers. This marketing strategy will not only build valuable backlinks, it will get customer testimonials on the internet for prospective customers to read. There are websites that are being used for small businesses to upload their customer reviews and testimonials with "dofollow" tags. These websites are being used by savvy online marketers to create high value backlinks to their websites and many of them provide easy to use dashboards so it is easy for small businesses to use without any experience. You can find these sites by doing a search for websites with "dofollow" tags.

2. Link Exchange - Finding a local business that has a high page rank is a monumental strategy to create quality backlinks. Using this type of backlink online marketing strategy will also serve a dual purpose, especially if you find a local business that does not sell a competing product or service and has the same type of customers that your business is looking for. This is a win-win situation for both businesses that participate in the backlink exchange.

3. Dead and Broken Links - This is a monumental marketing strategy for creating quality backlinks that few people have heard of and only a few businesses are using for a backlink strategy. You can start with a search for a free broken link checker that you can easily insert different website URL's into. Then you will get a list of all the broken links on that website. The next step is to contact the webmaster of that website and inform them of the dead link and that you have a link they can use. The best websites are ones with high page ranks like .gov and .edu websites.

4. Social Media Sites - This will be the easiest monumental strategy for a small business to implement because many of them already have social media accounts. Posts made to many of these sites will quickly rank on the search engines because they have already built up credibility. There are a variety of social media websites that have dofollow tags. If you are not sure if a certain website has a dofollow tag, a simple search on the search engine will provide information about the site and if it has a dofollow tag. Facebook is a little different because they actually have two separate databases. A Facebook personal profile post will not rank in the search engines but a Facebook page post will rank quickly. Implementing this type of strategy consistently can provide numerous quality backlinks for a small business that can have high search engine rankings under lots of different keywords.

5. Video Submission - Video submission is a monumental backlink marketing strategy that can provide a business with numerous quality backlinks. Many businesses think that video creation is outside their knowledge and experience but in reality all the business needs are some photos in digital format. There are lots of video websites that allow you to upload images and create a video with them. You can also add transitions and audio files to the videos that you create from your pictures. Some of these sites then will allow you to download them so you can upload them to more video websites. Once the video is ready, you can add a description with a link back to your business website. Again a simple search will tell you if the website has dofollow tags or nofollow tags.

6. Image Marketing - A very effective and monumental marketing strategy to build quality backlinks is to implement an image marketing campaign. Most websites on the internet use nofollow tags on links placed to websites but the same websites have dofollow tags for images. When you post images on these websites, place a credit link to your website to create a backlink.

7. Forum Posts - Making posts, leaving comments or asking questions on a high page rank forum can provide a business with very high quality backlinks. This is not only a monumental strategy, it is also very easy. Plus it is a free marketing strategy that only requires time to search for the best high quality forums and creating the posts. You will be required to create a profile and then you can go back to the same forum to make additional posts, leave comments or ask questions. This will provide a business with lots of quality backlinks.

You may use all of the above monumental marketing strategies to build quality backlinks or just one of them. Used on a consistent basis the effects of these strategies will compound over time and your small business website will end up with hundreds and even thousands of quality backlinks.

Try not to limit yourself to just one of these strategies because the more creative you become with multiple strategies the more organic or natural the links will be. This provides higher quality when the search engine spiders crawl through websites to gather new information.

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