5 Deadly SEO Mistakes that Could Cost you Everything

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SEO in 2011 has to be more sophisticated because the search engine spiders that travel over the internet to crawl through websites and gather information have been updated and will be looking for the old SEO tricks. When the spiders find SEO practices that are no longer allowed, the website will get a lower quality score or it could be banned altogether from search engine results.


5 Deadly SEO Mistakes

First, the search engines will be looking closely at the website title tag for keyword stuffing (using the same keyword over and over again,) which is an old SEO mistake. An example of title tag keyword stuffing for the keyword Miami Hotel is: Miami Hotel, Miami Hotel Reservation, Miami Hotel Booking, Miami Luxury Hotel and Deluxe Miami Hotel. The best practice is to make a user friendly title tag with the keyword only used a couple of times in a sentence so it makes sense.

The second SEO mistake that some webmasters have used for years, but will cause the website problems in 2011, is to hide keywords on the page. Hiding keywords by making the text white and placing it on a background that is white can be seen by the spiders that are continuously going from website to website collecting information. Spiders will also be able to find text hiding underneath images, so place all text and keywords in good content that is in plain sight on the website.

SEO mistake number three for 2011 is to use the same content on more than one page of the website. When a webmaster is not careful with the content placed on the website and places the same content on multiple pages, the website will be penalized. This can lower the chance of it ranking on page one of the search engine results. People do not normally look past page one of the search engine results pages, so even if your website ranks on page two it will probably never be seen.

The fourth SEO mistake is that many websites do not have SEO optimized titles for their articles. The content of the article could be very important but without an SEO optimized title, the article may never show up on any page one search engine results pages. Also, it may never actually be read by people searching for the information that is in the article.

Lastly, an important SEO mistake that could cost your website page one ranking on the search engines is when the listing will not have titles or descriptions because the website has a robots.txt file that disallows the Googlebot from going to a URL on the website. The problem is the Googlebot still knows the URL is there because there are links on the website or other websites pointing to it. The webmaster can correct this by using the noindex which instructs the spider to drop the URL out of the index instead of using the disallow feature, which instructs the spider to not crawl the page content.

There have been a lot of changes to the search engine spiders recently so that the spiders catch many of the SEO tricks that were allowed in the past. These 5 deadly SEO mistakes are just a few of the SEO mistakes that can cost your website everything. If you plan to rank on page one and at the top of the search engine results page, it is a good idea to become familiar with the new rules of SEO for 2011, which can mean the difference in success and failure.

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