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Information Marketing - Automatic Traffic


Information marketing puts a whole new spin on advertising that changes the way marketing works. No matter what type of marketing methods your business uses, whether it is print advertising, radio, mail-outs, telemarketing or one of many other types of marketing campaigns, most marketing is considered out-bound. This is where the marketing is distributed to as many people as possible that are not actively looking for your business' products and services. It is like stabbing in the dark, looking for anyone that receives the marketing that may be interested. Marketing like this to what is called "cold prospects" is not very effective and costly when the advertising costs are divided between the prospects that actually respond.

Marketing to what is called a "warm prospect" lowers the cost per prospect because this type of prospect is more receptive to your businesses products and services. Finding these warm prospects has puzzled marketers and sales representatives for years.

When a prospect comes to the business, they will be much more receptive if they came looking for you. The problem arises when a business is trying to figure out how to get the prospect to come to them. That is where information marketing comes into play.

There are some very smart sales professionals that figured out a way to get these prospects to approach them over the past few years by using information marketing, or what many of them call magnetic marketing. They call it magnetic marketing because of the way prospects are attracted or pulled to them like a magnet attracts or pulls metal. These savvy professionals realized if they provide people or their target audience with information, tools or resources they are looking for at no charge, it changes their view of these sales representatives into experts or consultants in their industry instead of only sales representatives.

It is a very effective marketing strategy because the prospects are now actively seeking this information, resource or tool and then receiving it from these experts, consultants or businesses. Their resistance has lowered and they will be in a position to accept advice on the products and services the business has to offer.

The hardest part of information marketing for a business is figuring out how to create and implement an information marketing campaign. There are 4 simple steps that a business can follow to help them with an information marketing campaign.

First you must know your market and by doing this you will be able to figure out exactly what they are looking for. Knowing this information will help in every aspect of your business. It should be the beginning step of all marketing campaigns. When you get into your customer's life it is much easier to relate to them and know what they want. An easy way to do this is to ask them what they want. Surveys work very well for this and if you have one on one contact with your customers, you can ask each and every one of them what information, tools and resources they want. Always keep the questions related to your products and services.

Secondly, make the information, resources or tools something that all of your prospects would use. It must have mass appeal, so the information, resources or tools will be used by all your prospects. Even if they are not ready to buy them now, they may become customers in the future or send other people to your business to become customers.

The third step in creating a successful information marketing campaign is to be very specific by providing information, resources or tools that are specific to your target audience, location and industry. This creates subliminal branding because every time people use your information, resources or tools they will see your logo or picture. People tend to lower resistance when they are familiar with a product or service, which will make the buying process easier for the prospect.

The fourth and final step, which many businesses forget, is a call to action. People take the path of least resistance and if they do not have a specific call to action telling them exactly what to do, they will normally not do anything. Prospects need to be told to visit your website or call for a free consultation or come by your store. This seems like the most important step but in reality they are all just as equally important because one will not work well without the others.

Business owners always wonder where to get the information, resources or tools to use for their information marketing campaign. Most business owners know enough about their market that they can write their own information.

An example would be for an accountant to write a tip sheet for customers to use when preparing their taxes. They'll be better prepared when they are ready to have their taxes done, which should lower the cost. Another example would be to provide a branded copy of anti-virus software to customers of a computer repair business. An internet marketer or web design company could provide a branded analytics tool that their customers would use every day to check the statistics of their website.

Some more ideas might be "how to" reports on information about your particular industry. Possibly you could provide a website with links to resources and information that your target market can use on a daily basis. A list of particular phone numbers and addresses for companies your target market needs regularly could also make a very good resource. How to use keyboard shortcuts along with a list of the most commonly used keyboard shortcuts that will help a business that has a lot of employees that use computers every day. Remember to place your logo, contact information and a call to action on the list.

If you are going to provide a paper that is going to be used every day, you may want to consider laminating it to make it easier to use. Plus it will last longer and withstand normal wear and tear. Some businesses have target audiences like engineers or contractors that use formulas and calculations on a daily basis. So you could consider listing them on a branded, laminated sheet that is easy to use, along with your call to action.

Many of these types of information, resources and tools do not cost very much and can be easily reproduced in mass quantity, especially if they are in digital format. You should be able to easily produce these types of information or find the resources and tools your market needs. If for some reason you are not able to produce this yourself, there is a lot of information to be found with a simple internet search.

Remember to follow the steps above and you will begin to attract prospects to your business with a successful, fool-proof, automatic traffic campaign. Just don't leave out any of the steps or give any of the steps less attention because they are all equally important when creating an information marketing campaign, especially the call to action. People will normally do what they are told to do.

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