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In this day and age, you cannot afford to let your competitors get the one-up on you in any way possible. More so than 50 years ago when an effective method of advertising was displaying banners and handing out flyers, today you have to be on the ball, which means you need to be constantly available for your customers in an open style. This translates to running many social networking profiles, something that almost every respected, and publicly traded, company has to do. Though this can be very time consuming, and a waste of quality work hours for some, it is also being considered one of the best forms of organic traffic for websites these days. Not to mention the ability to create a strong bond between your company and your customer, but with social networking you can bring the quality customer service your company has been known for to a whole new level. Never before have we had the ability to tweet an 80 character message to millions of people, just by the push of a button. This type of advertisement is absolutely unprecedented and is surely going to lead into the next Internet phenomenon.

While most people use social networking sites for personal matters, which is exactly why they were attracted to sites like Facebook and MySpace in the first place, you will use it for marketing. One thing the average user fails to realize, is that when they are using a "free" service such as Facebook, that basically means that they are the product being sold, and that is exactly how Facebook makes its revenue, they sell advertising that can directly connect with the users and form a bond stronger than conventional advertisements. There is absolutely nothing personal about hearing the countless TV advertisements for the same, or similar, products which all try to just make you laugh and do not show the product for more than one second.

There are two different approaches that a company can take when trying to promote an effective social networking profile. To be clear, these are the main methods that are used by most companies.

  • The first method is both simple and boring, though it can be effective for some specific demographics, straight worded ads. These are basically the ads you see on the right side of Facebook which try to sell you objects that are almost never, anything you would have even considered purchasing in the past. The problem with these is that they are untargeted, and therefore unprofitable and they will prove to be ineffective.
  • The second method is superior, and the most enticing way to gain a strong company to customer relationship. Essentially you just create a normal fan page, or any relevant account, as if the company is on the same level as the average user, and then constantly promote yourself to new people. Over time if your company provides any type of service or product that people are proud to own, they will link themselves to you and you will gain large amount of website promotion. Be aware, this isn't a get rich quick scam, and if you want quality results it can take some serious time, but if you put in the effort your business will thrive like never before.

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