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How many times have you heard that sales is a numbers game? Our sales managers have told us, sales coaches talk about it, even the sales gurus talk about sales being a numbers game. Now the world famous behavioral scientist George Dudley, who has studied sales representatives for close to 40 years came to the conclusion that sales is a numbers game.

George wanted to understand why salespeople with the same skills, talents and abilities did not make as much money as other salespeople. In the beginning George thought maybe the main reason for their income differences could be that some of the salespeople were withdrawn or shy, possibly it could be the differences in their personalities.

After a great amount of studies George realized though that success in sales is really a numbers game. He found it is really very simple, it all comes down to the more contacts a salesperson makes, the more sales presentations the salesperson gives, the more sales they will make.

This proves that to make more sales you need more people looking at your offer. The Internet can provide the massive amount of numbers for the least amount of money compared to other methods of sales available to a salesperson. The Internet can also show your offer to people 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Once your offer is set up on the Internet and you begin to drive traffic you can make sales with little or no effort from that point on, except of course when you make trips to the bank.

There are currently over two billion Internet users and that is only about one third of the world’s population. This shows the Internet can provide the massive amount of numbers a business offer requires for an offer to convert. Sales history shows that an expected conversion rate of cold traffic to an offer can be approximately 1% of the people that are exposed to the offer. The Internet can provide enough traffic to make this conversion rate profitable for most offers. Then a business can begin to optimize their offer plus show it to people that are more interested. This will increase the conversion rates above 1%.

One way to drastically increase conversion rates after you have optimized your offer is to expose your offer to a more targeted group of people or people that would be more interested in what you are offering. This can be accomplished on a consistent basis very economically by purchasing targeted traffic from an ad network like FullTraffic, which serves millions of visitors every single day. In fact by visiting the FullTraffic home page you can see real time statistics that show how many visitors we have served that day, the average time people spent reading ads and how many campaigns were completed that since we started, back in 2005.

FullTraffic inspects every publisher website and selects the proper category to match the contents of the website. ensuring the delivery of highly targeted traffic to your offer; unlike other ad networks that allow the publisher to just pick their own categories, which often results in traffic viewing your offer that isn't really targeted.

FullTraffic also shows your offer on an entire full page so none of your offer is hidden to the viewer and the visitors do not have to maximize the page to view any part of your offer, increasing conversion rates. With sales being a numbers game buying targeted traffic can put you on the road to success.

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