Why is a Website's Alexa Ranking so Important?

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Alexa Ranking


Alexa ranking is important to a website because Alexa is a leader in providing free, worldwide Internet metrics. Millions of people regularly visit the Alexa website for data that they can use when they are making business decisions. With Alexa website businesses can discover which websites are the most successful on the Internet. Individuals using Alexa can categorize success by the country the website is registered with, by the category that the website falls into or by keywords that are associated with the website.

On Alexa, search for the top ranking websites under the "Top Sites" menu tab or the "What's Hot" menu tab. Under the "Top Sites" menu tab you will find the top 500 websites ordered by the amount of traffic on a website. The web site that has the most visitors and page views in combination will rank first.

When visiting the "What's Hot" menu tab at the Alexa website you will see the top 20 hot topics being searched on the Internet, with the information on the "What's Hot" page being updated every 5 minutes. Next you will see the top 10 list of hot products followed by a list of hot web pages, so you can actually get a snapshot of what all the people on the Internet that have an Alexa toolbar are searching for in real time. At the bottom of the "What's Hot" page there are links to the lists from 1 day ago, 7 days ago, 30 days ago plus an archive link taking you to a page where you can choose any day from the past 4 years. This is some very powerful information.

Business people use the Alexa website analytical data for different reasons. Some use the data for business development, some use it for competitive analysis and others use it for market research. There are also businesses that use Alexa's Pro Tools when they want to optimize their businesses Internet presence.

One of the main tools that Alexa provides to people for free is the custom Alexa Toolbar Creator. The Alexa Toolbar Creator works in a very simple way and only takes about two and a half minutes to set up for a business or website. Many businesses create a custom Alexa toolbar to promote on their website for visitors to install and use which can grow their community and traffic.

This custom Alexa toolbar keeps the businesses brand in front of the user the entire time the user is surfing the Internet. A custom Alexa toolbar also has features so users can easily interact with the business on their social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook. A business has the ability to add links, search sites and dynamic headlines so traffic will be sent back to the business website. Can you see how powerful an Alexa custom toolbar can be?

When you visit the Alexa website there is also a tab in the menu bar for "Site Info" where you can search for a particular website and get all kinds of information that is very helpful. The information that Alexa will find are the traffic stats; which include the traffic rank of the site, the reach, number of page views, bounce percentage, the time that viewers are on the website and search percentage.

Search analytics is another piece of information that Alexa will provide. Search analytics shows the percentage of traffic for particular search queries. You will see a graph of the audience that visits the website by demographics by age ranges, education levels, gender, whether the visitors have children and if they were browsing from home or work.

The clickstream tab is important because it shows which sites the websites' unique visitors were on right before they visited the website, plus the website they went to after leaving your website. By having this information it is easier to build effective marketing campaigns because you will know what type of visitors are coming to the website.

There are also tabs that list your contact information, any reviews your site has that have been listed with Alexa and related links which are sites that are similar to the website in the query. This is all very powerful information that a business can use to optimize their marketing campaigns. You can also use this information to check out your competitors. Can you see how you can use this information to help your website?

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