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4 billion. That's is the number of people who currently use smart phones to access the Internet. That is also the number of people who will neglect your website at the first sign of bad optimization. Lets face it, people do not want to squint at the tiny screen on their iPhone or any smart phone for that matter, just to see your site. Similarly if the buttons on your website are impossible to click on a touch screen phone or even if they are too cluttered then people will have an overall terrible experience on what should have been your first, and a positive, interaction with a customer. Now you may be wondering how this affects you, or why you should even spend the time on making a mobile compatible version of your website, but the revenue increase will speak for itself. Put plainly, if you aren't taking advantage of a mobile format for your website then you are not only losing potential customers but you are losing potential sales.

Some of the largest misconceptions about websites all stem from the "ease of use" platform. Many people throw around this term when referring to an easy access website, where anyone from the 6 year old next door to your grandmother has the ability to navigate the site without problems. This is fairly meaningless as most websites will already be targeted towards a specific age or other type of categorical factor, and therefore should be specifically optimized to cater towards your clients. This relates to having a mobile formatted website in the same way, the people who are going to be buying your product or reading about your service, will want to know the company they are spending their hard earned cash on is trustworthy. Would you rather spend your money on an online store that looks like it was created in the 1990's, or just go and make two quick clicks on Amazon and be done already? That's right, you would rather use the easy and also good-looking website. This idea can be further expanded to say that most customers would be willing to pay an added fee for this service, people want the best most of the time, not necessarily the cheapest and lowest quality. If you run a high quality business, then show it, don't let your customers down by producing a mediocre website.

There are many easy ways to accomplish the great feat of creating a mobile version of your website, and all of these will save you significant amounts of money over purchasing an expensive and time consuming designer. If your normal website coder is willing to do a little extra reading over the weekend, it will not be too hard to implement a working system with just some added code. Now all you have to do is enjoy your new mobile friendly website!

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