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Who would have thought a few words on Twitter could actually bring online businesses forward in the search engine rankings, but they do. Not only do your Twitter tweets reach your targeted audience, they are also visible to the search engines. With good optimization using keywords in those tweets, you will build a larger readership and grow your online business.

Ideally, use your website domain name or business name as your Twitter ID. These are visible in front of each tweet you make. In terms of search engine optimization, this is extremely important, because these are the first terms picked up by the spiders. If both your website name and your business name are already taken, find a profile name that best fits your business, and ensure it is a searched keyword.

Your Twitter profile should also include keywords. Keep in mind that space is limited, so use it to the best advantage. You have the ability to personalize your profile page, so give it a little pizazz in the color and design scheme you choose, and be sure to upload a real photo of yourself. It is more trustworthy than a picture of a blue bird or some generic graphic. Use different colors on your tweets to make the URLs stand out.

Use the keyword tool you usually use, such as Google AdWords keyword tool, to determine how often the term is searched online. Since the tweets are limited to just a few words or phrases be sure the keywords you use describe your product, offering, news, update or website perfectly, and take advantage of the hash tag space. Use logical terms the searcher would use.

In the beginning, be sure to add your website's URL to your tweets, but once you've built a following, pay it forward, and balance it out by tweeting related sites. Leave room within each tweet for your followers to re-tweet using the RT tag. Your readership will continue to grow with this method.

Follow others, especially profiles with good Twitter page ranking that relate to your business. In time, they will reciprocate. Join Twitter conversations as well, and engage your followers by asking questions in your Tweets. Perhaps you're doing a poll on your blog and looking for participants. This might encourage re-tweets. All this will help build your following, and in turn, your website readership.

Used a balanced approach with your tweets and Twitter profile, taking as much care as you take in building your website for your business.

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