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Site Indexing in less than 24 hours


Owners of website properties such as blogs or websites must get their site indexed in order to be found by the search engines. Indexing basically means that your website or blog is included within the search engines list of websites or web properties.

Some website owners have found it challenging to get their site indexed by the major search engines. Traditionally, website indexing can take weeks and in some cases, months to achieve.

There are some easy steps that can be followed that can fast track the process of indexing. The easiest way to get a web property listed with major search engines is by way of an RSS feed. RSS stands for real simple syndication. Many blogging platforms such as WordPress have RSS built in to the structure. It is simply a matter of identifying what an RSS feed is to be able to submit it to other websites to gain fast indexing.

Most blogging platforms RSS feed will appear as follows; When the RSS feed is identified it can then be submitted to websites with high page rank that are searched by spiders and bots of the major search engines many times per day.

If a website owner is unable to identify the address of the RSS feed this is easily rectified, simply contact the support desk of the company who provided the platform for the website. Most website platforms also allow access to member forums or blogs where this information can be obtained.

Why to submit a website RSS feed?
Submitting an RSS feed in essence creates a link back to a website property. By carefully choosing where to submit the website RSS feed the website owner can get their site indexed within 24 hours and in some cases as little as two hours.

Quickest places to submit the site RSS feed. is one of the easiest places to submit an RSS feed. Simply sign up for a Gmail account and enable Google reader in your Gmail account settings. Go to the "Add a subscription" button and enter the website RSS feed. is another easy place to submit a website RSS feed. Sign up for a Yahoo e-mail account and then go to "My Yahoo!". In the top left-hand corner of the screen there is a small green cross, next to it is the word "Content". Click on the cross and at the bottom of the box there is the option to "Add RSS feed". Simply add the RSS feed to the box provided, click on "Add" then click on "I'm done". is another site where website RSS feeds can be submitted in a matter of moments. This site can be considered as sensitive as it pings a number of other websites. This website allows the option to add multiple RSS feeds at one time. There is the possibility of overuse of this website, and this may prove to be detrimental if used excessively. The website owner would need to bear this in mind so as not to submit to more than once a day.

Ways to improve the speed of website indexing.
It is relatively simple to improve the indexing time even more by having a number of Gmail and Yahoo mail accounts. By enlisting the help of others, friends or family members, to subscribe to your website or blog RSS feed within their own Google reader or Yahoo content feed will also give more back links and speed up site indexing.

Obtaining a listing in the major search engines is essential to any websites or blogs success. The more quickly this can be achieved the more beneficial it is to the website owner or Webmaster. Results can vary, however when first attempting website indexing, the approach should be a "less is more" scenario. Listing an RSS feed in the three sites above is generally enough to get a website listed within 24 hours.

By following these simple steps website owners or Webmasters can take control of indexing their web properties. This will allow website owners to focus on more important issues, such as SEO and content writing and no longer be concerned about site indexing.

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