Could Google Plus be the Next Greatest Internet Innovation?

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Many people hyped the Google social networking platform as being "revolutionary" and utterly amazing. It seems that the exact purpose behind this so-called social network has been redesigned into an SEO based platform. Or rather, the people who use G+, as many proponents of the younger generation seems to call it, like to also use the new "like" system it provides. Google wanted to have a fight with Facebook over one of the main sources of internet traffic, social networking, and a fight is exactly what they have received!


Google Plus Next Greatest Internet Innovation

Everyone can understand the idea behind having an easy way to connect with your friends, or to communicate with long lost lovers... but social networking has changed very much so in the last few years. Originally it was just supposed to be an organized and simple way to talk to your buddies, without having to deal with cell phones and all of that hassle. Understandable? Yes, but the problem which ensued, was that the idea behind the website was so amazing people were begging to be allowed in. Facebook was expanded into the multi-billion dollar company it has turned into today. As you may know, if you have seen the movie based on its premise, Facebook was originally intended for the use of just one college, Harvard. It started out as a way for people to sort-of rate girls or each other. It them blew up, as more and more colleges wanted in, and then the entire world as we know it is now on facebook. But, you may be wondering the importance of this when it comes to online advertising and website promotion, here's the kicker: Google implemented a system to judge the viral nature of links to videos or really any type of content and included the facebook likes in the algorithm. As great as this is, allowing the real people to control what they like or do not like, and therefore having a totally customized internet focused right around their desires sounds perfect, but what Google realized is that there is an extremely profitable system bound together by facebook. More clearly, they wanted in on some of the profit.

So this year, we all had the opportunity of experiencing the next great internet phenomenon. Google plus came out, and now Google has singlehandedly made that a stronger form of promoting a website than a facebook like; it's very simple in the reasoning behind this decision, Google wanted to have a larger control over this market and they had the power to do so. The more or less control the entire internet market, the entire net worth of the internet can be solely based on this one search engine, because of the sheer power and control Google has over search engine traffic. This all boils down to traffic in essence, and if you are able to control it, you have all the power to control the strength and profitability of your website.

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