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how google works


Sitting in your computer chair, staring at the empty screen ahead, you ask yourself, "Why does Google hate me and my website?" You wonder why every single one of your competitors is able to rank for the best keywords, you know, the keywords that people search when they want to purchase a product or buy a service. Not the useless keywords that you have won over, the informational and frequently asked questions website traffic. Put plainly, it's not that easy to accomplish something as hard as ranking on Google. Nowadays, getting your site indexed and seen by Google is not really a challenge, granted you have to produce quality original content and create a niche or go through with a niche that already has a large following. Either of these options is fine, but the main idea is that you are nothing special just for getting on Google's system, that's the first fifty percent of the race, and the easiest portion.

The next stage in your website's ranking life, is completely dependent on when and how hard you push to get it ranked in a better position. Now, you may be asking yourself, "Is it even possible to rank on the same level as the best websites, those famous sites that get millions of unique page views through organic traffic, possibly without even paying a cent on advertising?" Wouldn't it be amazing if everyone could start a site, and have it be successful on a monumental level, in just a few months? Well the truth is, it is not only extremely hard to get ranked on page one for a tough keyword, but it involves lots of research and knowledge of SEO and other forms of website promotion. You cannot expect to get an amazing page rank without some amazing, behind the scenes work. The point that I am trying to get across is that if you cannot produce this type of a service for yourself, then you need to invest in a business partner who can help you out in this area.

The first step towards beating Google actually happens to be analyzing yourself. You need to find how you are doing, what website promotion techniques are you correctly utilizing to further your site, and what incorrect methods have you tested which turn out to be duds. This can change for each and every single website, and happens to be one of the main problems for website owners when it comes to advertising and promotion. People often assume that they can read all about a "tried and true" method of acquiring website traffic, and then they just spend their money without trying to methodically test and find a good program. There is no get rich quick button, in online website creation and promotion, you need to put in the effort or find a way to have the effort put in for you. Make sure that you are spending your time and money on an effective plan for your website.

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