How Does RSS And Social Bookmarks Help for Increasing Your Website Traffic?

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Web traffic:
The existence and operation of any website have one main simple aim or objective, and that objective is that people should be aware of the web page, or in other words, to gain popularity on the internet. Hence what web pages are actually looking for is web traffic. Web traffic is simple words can be defined as the number of visitors whom a web page has. It is the amount of information that is sent to it and received by it from people that have visited the site. It is determined from the number of people browsing through that site and how many pages they have browsed through. The greater the figure for both these determinants, the higher the amount of web traffic for any web page. Thus when a web page owner has to see how popular, its site is or how well its advertisement strategies are working. He will look at the amount of web traffic on his web page.


Increase Web Traffic

Importance of Web Traffic:
Web traffic is perhaps the most important element for the existence of websites, and that is to ensure its popularity, and that is why web traffic is important for any type of website. As mentioned above, web traffic is determined by the amount of people that visits the web page, and that's what every web page or online business wants to be for people to visit their page. If it is an online business than its main aim is for it to increase its sales, and that can only be done if people are aware of the site and visit it. For other websites, web traffic can be used as means of research to see what websites are receiving which kind of traffic, or from what sections of the world. Web traffic also determines the probability of your web page turning up on an online search done using search engines. Search engines rank web pages by using some factors and the most important of them being web traffic. The more the web traffic a web page has, the greater ranked it will be by a search engine and the more chances of it turning up on the search. From this fact, another question rises that why would a web page want to be highly ranked? The answer is that if the web page is highly ranked, it will receive more traffic due to the fact that it turns up above all the other low ranked pages. We can thus say that web traffic is very important for any website, and maximizing web traffic may help the web page or the online business to success.

Maximizing web traffic:
We saw above that web traffic is a very important aspect for any web page. We will now discuss how a web page can increase its web traffic. There are a number of techniques that can be adopted to increase web traffic, and some of them are as follows:

  • Online Article Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Posting backlinks
  • Advertising on popular sites
  • Purchasing web traffic
  • RSS feeds
  • Social Bookmarking

RSS feeds:
The term RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, it is a way of sending data rapidly over the internet. Originally known as Rich site summary, RSS documents are known as feeds. RSS can be used to distribute backlinks to your web page all over the internet. A backlink is a simple link that connects two websites together. The more number and the more diversified backlinks you have on the internet the more the chances of you increasing your web traffic. The advantage of using RSS feeds is that whenever the owner of the business or the webpage makes any changes to web page or if there are any kinds of updates, then the RSS will send feeds to all users or subscribers notifying them of the update. What this does is if one keeps on posting new things on to the web page, RSS will alert all the subscribers, and they will, then log on to the web page on the regular basis depending on how regularly you post new information. Hence RSS feeds are a useful way to increase one's web traffic.

Social Bookmarking:
Social bookmarking is simply sharing links of a web page with others. A broad example would be that if you have shared a link to anything with anyone by means of Email or any other way, it is considered as an act of social bookmarking. By sharing the website via Email, you have saved that website on the internet and that link can be later used to visit that site. Hence you have created a social bookmark. Social bookmarking can be used to increase web traffic for ones web page as it involves sharing the link of that web page on to another place from where the link will be available a whole new kind of traffic. Social bookmarking is one of the most convenient ways for small and new businesses to channel some traffic onto their page. The more bookmarked your web page gets, the more traffic you get it is as simple as that. One of the ways to ensure that your site get bookmarked by people and has constant traffic is to make sure that your web page has interesting and impressing things to offer to the people. No one likes a dull website. The more interesting it is, the more people would like to share it with others. It is also very important that one chooses the social bookmarking site very carefully. The site should be in line with what you have to offer to the public and to some extent, be related to your website. However, another thing to keep in mind when social bookmarking is that too keep catchy and interesting headings. Catchy headlines are what will catch a person's eye and intrigue him to go visit your web page. If the headline is dull than a person might not be interested in going on to the web page to get details about what you have to offer, and hence you will lose out on traffic.

Thus from the above-mentioned facts and pointers, we can conclude that web traffic is an important aspect for any website or online business and in order to increase web traffic one has many options and of those options, RSS and social bookmarking can prove to be a very effective method.

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