Viral Marketing and Why More Companies are Trying to Force it With No Gains

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Word of Mouth Advertising


One of the newest forms of promotion for a "brick and mortar" store is through online resources. One of these resources happens to be completely free, to utilize, and yet many business' put it off as child's play or focused on the wrong traffic. Whenever a company attempts to control their market, or to sell the most products/services, the same goal which one hundred percent of business' are centered around, the main way to do so is through traffic. The only way to make money is to sell your service, and to sell your service you need clients, and the only way to ever get a client is through some form of advertising or promotion. Even word of mouth counts as a, albeit free, form of advertising it is also one of the strongest. The reason word of mouth counts so much for everyday people is that they take their trust in the person who advises them, or reviews, a product and then they make their purchasing decision off of that. This is enormously important because that means if you have built up trust is many people, or have a following of people who will do nearly anything you say just because of your name or power, then you can virtually control them in any way and use that to your advantage.

How does this translate into online marketing you may ask, but it is basically the essence of all advertising even though you might not notice it. Advertising in spirit is just a way to control people emotions and their mind, and get them to think, "Hey I need to buy this product." That's about as simple as it gets for advertising, and there is no better way to promote your product then to prove it to one person, and have them tell all of their friends about it. People love when they get an awesome product, for instance, lets say your friend Gary buys a set of golf clubs. Gary goes out on the course and falls in love with these clubs, but wants to justify his purchase to himself, so how does he do this? He tells all of his friends how much he loves the golf clubs, and then they go out and purchase them on a whim, because they know and trust Gary. Now the only person who gains from this is the company. They have now turned a small one person sale, into many sales. Think of advertising as a way to target one person, or one demographic, and then that sale will turn into multiple. This proves the importance of advertising as a whole, and just how far reaching an advertising campaign can be in any shape or size, always focus on getting traffic to your website and then the traffic will do all the work for you!

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