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Many business blogs are failing to live up to what they initially set out to achieve. If your blog isn't driving enough traffic to your site, or failing to increase brand awareness significantly, it may be time for a face lift. You may be publishing first-rate content, but if you don't attract the right audience, your marketing efforts are wasted. By using some of the following techniques, your business blog should gain more qualified traffic and stimulate sales.


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Boost Your SEO Power

In the same way your primary business pages should be optimized for the search engines, you should be using similar SEO strategies for your blog. Avoid too many banner ads, animated ads, and images. Include relevant keywords in headlines, subheadings, and throughout your post, but never forget your readers. Concentrate on making your blog attractive to visitors first, then you can modify it for the search engines. Videos and images are a great way to add interest to a piece and they too can be tagged with your keywords and phrases.

Longtail keywords will help your business blog feature higher in the search engine results pages. For example, instead of generic words like "gardening," be specific. "Cheap gardening tools" or "gardening tools in Springfield" are more likely to attract the relevant traffic and boost sales.

Form Valuable Relationships

Forming relationships with other bloggers is an essential part of business blogging. Search the web for content related to your blog and submit articles to the owners of relevant blogs. Guest-blogging is a powerful way to drive traffic to your blog and expand your online presence. A polite email to the owner that summarizes your proposal can help. Original, relevant material will have a much better chance of being published and subsequently shared by readers.

If someone makes the effort to contribute to your blog with a comment, it's important to secure the relationship with a response. In the long run, more interaction should lead to more contacts, subscribers, and buyers. If a visitor leaves a particularly valuable comment, why not send them a personal email? The more you network, the more your business blog will grow. Similarly, leaving valuable and relevant comments on other blogs can lead to more recognition and ultimately drive more traffic to your blog. Give as much as you can in terms of free knowledge and guidance.

If you don't already have Facebook and Twitter accounts, having a presence on both of these social networking sites can help to drive traffic to your blog. Post links from these sites to each new blog post, and constantly update your status on Facebook and Twitter with new material that engages your audience and directs them to your blog.

Optimize Design Elements

Make sure your RSS feed button is clearly visible, near the top of your page. The more quickly visitors can find it, the more likely they are to subscribe to your feeds. Putting another feed button at the bottom of each post can also influence people to subscribe. To maximize the sharing potential of your blog, also include Delicious, StumbleUpon, and Digg buttons, so that visitors can easily bookmark and promote your blog.

A strong logo will help to strengthen the image of your blog. If you have the resources, hire a design company to create a simple, memorable logo. Some online companies offer very reasonable rates. Having a strong logo for your business blog can strengthen your credibility, and attract more visitors.

Plan for the Future

If you want to keep visitors returning to your blog, original and interesting content is essential. Many business blogs simply rehash older articles and fail to reward loyal followers with engaging posts. Try to promote discussion, provide revealing insights into your world, and constantly encourage comments to make your blog relevant for now and also the future.

Successful, influential business blogs don't happen overnight, but by using some or all of these marketing techniques, you can improve the chances of attracting quality visitors and gaining loyal customers. Listen to your readers, regularly update your blog with fresh and interesting content, and engage with a variety of people online and offline, and your blog should ultimately thrive.

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