How Does Google Work: The Algorithm and How it is Playing You

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People often say things on the line of "Google is the best platform for creating a traffic source" towards a website or really any type of online content. The main flaw in this sentence is that Google in itself is actually a platform used to promote itself, and therefore everyone who comes and tries to get a higher "ranking" in that form is just endorsing the normal environment that the big G wants to control. It's almost as if you wanted to go play in your friends play house, and he said fine but you have to pay two dollars. Sure, you might think that is acceptable for a day or two, but once you realize that he doesn't own the only playhouse, and that his isn’t even the best looking one you will swiftly move to the next house over. There they will not charge you a fee, but instead it will take you some time to learn the new rules, the new settings of the game and many people just do not want to put in the time to learn how to master a new playground, they want to fight it out in the dirt to be a lesser champion of an overused and frankly money-pit of a system.

Google does in fact work in this fashion that they are playing both sides of the field. They are a conduit to which advertisers can meet clients and clients can find the content or services the are looking for. This seems great and it would be a perfect way for the Internet to conduct itself, almost a perfect system that feeds on itself and would not need human intervention if it wasn't for the humans behind the giant contraption that is Google in essence. Basically, the people at Google are extremely smart and follow the same system which we like to promote, which includes creating a great website or content that people would like to see, but don't have the opportunity to because of a lack of traffic, and then you send the traffic to the already beautiful website and it turns out amazing. No downtime, a perfect start-up for a perfect company, this is the way that all new websites should go, but the truth is many have incorrect ideas about websites and marketing.

The best way to promote your website once you have created it and have a system for new content that you will release frequently, you can then begin to advertise. Make sure to use a very high quality of advertising though, as a problem will arise if you just throw incorrect users onto your platform... they will fall off. Targeted traffic can be one great way to increase your viewers, at a controlled amount, and then you can track how well your new system is doing and the revenue stream will start to feed on itself.

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