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Twitter is a great way to interact with your customers. You can generate buzz around your products and keep your company name out front by showing up on people's Twitter feeds. Unfortunately, the effectiveness of your Twitter marketing is limited by the number of followers you have, so growing your followers is a priority in all your Twitter marketing. Twitter users vastly prefer to read informative content and to click on interesting links, so provide meaningful content, and capture your existing customers by putting a link to your Twitter account from your home page.


Increase Twitter Followers


Make Your Account Name Easy To Remember

Pick an easy-to-remember name when setting up your account. It should be closely related to the name of your business. If you have to add words, relate them to your name or your industry. A musician could add "music," to the end of their Twitter name, while a bakery could add "cakes," or "baking." The easier your name is to identify and remember, the more followers you will attract.

Promote Your Twitter Account

Twitter users often follow business and people they support outside Twitter. The most-followed Twitter users are celebrities and companies with a real-world presence. They promote their accounts on their personal websites, in their stores and via emails. Some of your customers already use Twitter, so let them know about your new account as a way to jump start your following. These loyal customers will respond better to your messages and are more likely to pass them on to their followers.

Provide Meaningful Content

Twitter's great benefit is its interactivity. Get the most out of it by providing meaningful content and interacting with your followers, customers and suppliers. Followers want a dialogue, not impersonal marketing messages. Promote your products, but don’t over-do the marketing messages unless you have something newsworthy to announce.

Integrate Your Content with Facebook

Integrate your Twitter and Facebook content. It helps to display a consistent message across all marketing mediums. A side benefit is that it reduces the workload involved in updating two separate sites. By integrating your content, you promote one using the other, increasing your Facebook presence and your Twitter following at the same time.

Complete Your Bio

Fill out your Twitter bio information and add a link to your website. Potential followers can look you and your business up, as well as read your old tweets. If they like what you do then they'll become engaged followers. The more followers know about you, the more likely they are to talk with and about you.

Use Hash Tags

Hash tags are used to add your tweet to a list of tweets about a certain subject. Top tags are listed under trending topics on your Twitter homepage. Write something with the hash tag included and your tweet will be added to the list. If your tweet is interesting enough users will look you up and start following you. Don't over-use the tags, as they're not the most effective way of finding followers, but using those relevant to your company and industry will help get your name out there.

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