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Blogging is one of the best ways for a writer to professionally promote his or her writing style. If done correctly, a blog act as a powerful tool in the quest to generate sales leads, attract agents or get more traffic at a website. However, the blog must contain relevant information and must be updated regularly. This takes commitment and dedication.

Fortunately, opening a blog on the Internet is quite simple. There is a wide array of websites that offer free blogging. Most of them provide tools and features that make the job a simple matter of filling in a few blanks. However, once the blog is open, the writer should take certain measures to attract a steady stream of traffic to it.

Every blog should have a general category, theme or niche into which it fits. For example, if one is opening a blog to write about art, that person should stick to that subject. If the niche is one in which the objective is to attract writing agents, the blog should be about writing. If the general category consists of the everyday musings of an individual, the blog should state this outright. The posts can be different from day-to-day, but the reader should understand that they are written from the perspective of a person who is simply recording his or her thoughts. The point is to base the blog on a particular subject that will attract individuals who are interested in that subject, and that will entice them to return, time and again.

The writer of a blog should have a clear identity to his or her readers. This helps instill feelings of trust in the readers. Anonymous blogs are seldom successful. Identifying the writer gives the audience a feeling of connection. Adding a photograph of the writer is a good idea, and inserting a brief amount of biographical information also helps.

Good titles are vital to good readership. The titles of blog posts should reflect not only their content. They should also be clever, brief and to the point. The use of humor and puns is often acceptable, depending on the subject. The point of a good title is to make the post attract more readers.

The design of a blog should reflect the type of blog it is. If a blog is about organic produce, one might use orange and green somewhere in the design. The blog should be filled with attractive photographs of carrots, apples and other produce items. If it is a legal blog, the design should be conservative in layout and color themes, and have representational images such as books, photographs of the attorneys who work for the firm and similarly themed items featured prominently throughout. The photographs should always correspond with the topic.

The primary element in any blog is the content. The content of any blog should be original, or used with permission and given proper attribution. Ideas and content should, otherwise, always be original and not violate any copyright laws. Readers do not want to read the same things on every blog, and the original content owners can have grounds for lawsuits if their work is used without permission.

The ideal blog is updated regularly and on schedule. When people search for content on the Internet, they are usually looking for the most recent. One can lose a reading audience very quickly once the regular updates are stopped.

If keywords are used for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes, it is important not to use them too frequently. Doing so might cause the blog to appear to be spam, which would lower its ranking on the major search engines. A 2% keyword and keyword phrase density is the best keyword concentration.

If a blog is not promoted, chances are that few people will know it exists. A blog should be promoted in all possible social networking venues and wherever else it is possible to promote it without appearing to be spam. It should be promoted responsibly and with courtesy. It is in bad form to plaster the web address of a blog in random places that are not intended for that purpose. For instance, posting a link to an unrelated blog in guest books is impolite and might cause one to be banned from the site altogether.

Advertising can be successfully used on a blog, but readers can be deterred by too much of a good thing. While ads have the potential to generate a handsome income for blog owners, readers are put off by having pop-up ads show up when they are trying to read how to do something or where the blogger traveled on his or her vacation. One or two small ads to one side of the blog post will suffice in attracting those who might be interested in buying whatever is being promoted.

If the blogger is persistent, updates regularly with relevant material and follows the tips mentioned above, he or she has a real chance of earning a successful blog that will attract a lot of readers. More readers means more revenue for the person who is selling something, or more publicity for the person who wishes to have more exposure for other reasons. Blogging overall, can be a personally rewarding and profitable endeavor, if executed correctly.

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