Why Advertising is the Single Best Way to Have Your Business Grow to the Next Level

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Turning thousands of dollars into millions and then millions into billions is not only possible, but entirely feasible for almost anyone who wants to work for it. The key to creating a successful business, is advertising, in each and every form of the word. Don't assume that this is an end-all to other promotion techniques, or forms of creating a specific niche balanced around your website, but this is the most effective and best all around way to promote just about any product. Lets examine one of the most significant marketers in our history, Steve Jobs. An intelligent man, he grew what was a failing business into one of the largest technology conglomerates around. There is no denying the fact that this man was after money, while at the same time creating such innovative products that people could not bear to keep their hands off of. He was so intelligent, that he got to the point where his products basically sold themselves. For instance, he created a need, a trend if you will, and this need spread into the minds of the consumers and thus, his business flourished.

Unbelievably, there was one and only one, main purpose behind this form of advertising. Getting people to think that your product is the best, or at least the most desired, in any niche. To clarify, he didn't actually have to create the best product, he just had to market it in such a way that he received the vast majority of the traffic and therefore started selling his product to millions. Once you hit a point where you have loyal fans who will buy any product you produce just on the basis of your name, means you have created an extremely profitable and successful corporation. We can even forget that many people criticized his creations, which were also the work of the hundreds of people who worked below him, and possibly came up with some of the ideas which he then put forth and took a majority of the credit for. He wasn't a one man army, but he definitely produced a significant portion of the intelligence that came out of Apple.

In order to understand this better, lets take a look at the merits of Apple, as a whole. They made sure to fix a problem in the industry first, by releasing not a "band-aid" to fix the problem, but a whole new system. Apple released good looking laptops, which were clean, beautiful, and worked perfectly. Now many people would argue that they were over-priced, but in fact, if people are willing to purchase them in enormous quantities than I would argue back, that is the market price. Apple did a great job of playing the supply and demand system, and basically wrote their own ticket into becoming a great, feared company that could enter almost any market and succeed without having to even put in much effort at all. The best thing about this is that a perfect advertising campaign is to blame for every single piece of their accomplishment.

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