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How old were you when you started having financial freedom? Ten for some... sixteen is more likely, maybe twenty years old? Well this becomes a large factor when choosing a specific demographic to target your ads towards. For example you might be able to get a much higher click through rate on a younger age group in your consumer market but that will not necessarily turn into an increased profit. There are two ways that a change of age group can affect your revenue one of which is positive and the other that will negatively change your profit over time. To further examine this potential change of pace for your website promotion techniques we will examine two possible outcomes.

Going with the assumption that you are normally targeting a product which has a specific age group targeted, lets say a younger child for the sake of this argument, there are two ways which you could go with your advertisements. Due to the recent increase in technology and promotion techniques at the hands out advertisers, they now have a much more effective way to target whatever demographic that is desired which can lead to much better CTR's and other money making end results. Back to the example, if you were advertising your products which are hypothetically targeted towards a young child the novice advertiser would jump directly on the ability to target kids websites that will have the highest population of the eventual product owners. This is unfortunately incorrect in essence because in this circumstance the people you want to sell your products to, are not the same as the people who will be purchasing the products who happen to be the parents in this situation. Therefore taking into account where the money is actually coming from, a more experienced advertiser will mark their ads towards more middle-aged parents who will likely have young children in their house. Another factor that affects this equation is also the timing of the ads. For instance, if you are sending targeted traffic towards a product that would normally be given as a present from a parent to a child, then there will clearly be an increase in conversions during the holiday seasons. This may seem like common sense but these types of factors are hugely indicative of the effectiveness of an ad. Now the second possible way to target an ad at someone who may not be able to actually purchase your product is to just directly target your audience and then attempt to get them to contact someone which a desire to purchase it. This way tends to end up taking an extremely thought out plan, and does not directly target the buyer which is the fundamental problem with this strategy, though it sometimes is the only way to advertise a product when it is not in prime selling season like the holidays. Remember to always take into account the specific age group which you are trying to target with your product or service, when creating targeted traffic for your website, and also that the direct potential owners are not necessarily the best targets for the ads.

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