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Are you the founder of a new internet start-up that is looking for the best way to jump start your website viewer count? One of the most effective ways to reach long and short term goals for viewers, is through promoting your website with targeted traffic. The reason behind this is a proven method that relies on the idea that if you produce quality content then people will be more than happy to come back for more, they just need a taste of it to give out their loyalty. Think about this, one of your favorite websites that you view on a daily basis, which more than likely has a few million unique visitors every day, has to have started from somewhere. Every website starts in the exact same place as their competitors, at ground zero, or effectively in the first starting position where not one person other than the creators has ever laid eyes on the front page. Imagine facebook at this time, when there was not even one true member of the website so there was effectively no reason to join and start up a profile of yourself if none of your friends were already on the site. I know the main reason I joined facebook was by word of mouth; I heard that my friends all loved going on this new site that I should check out, and that was enough of a reason for me to check out this free site which sounded awesome. Now take a step back and picture your own website being in this same position if you wish to give your website the same chance at becoming a world-wide sensation as big as facebook or any of the other powerful million dollar websites, you need to invest just as much time as they did in promotion and advertising. The sole reason behind any success from their company can be put into clever promotion, why else would millions of people join a website that originally offered nothing to them except a functioning way to post videos, pictures, and comments about yourself and friends.

This is where targeted traffic comes into play... the most cost effective way to boosting your site off of its first baby steps is just by sending large groups of people to it. Essentially you are investing in a method to get people to come to your website, by spending some money, but remember that this method is more of a long term investment with short term results. You will be granting your website a bright future with lots of traffic down the road and this way you will be able to jump right over the normal hurdles that plague website start-ups because of the hardships which come along with starting a website.

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