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Do you ever wonder how to follow-up on your website promotion after starting a new advertising campaign? Many people have the know how to start off their website ads and then start getting traffic but do not know what to do with this new traffic once it begins. The difference between a novice and wise web developer starts to show at this stage which will then decide the fate of the website. There are a few strongly needed methods which you can take to grab the reigns on your traffic and turn these first time viewers into consistent page views; take into account that getting tons of traffic to your site once or twice is not exactly hard, the difficult part is keeping the people coming back on their own.

Social Media
Easily the most effective way to control your visitors is to get them attached to you on a social network. These days everyone is not only on the go, but does not have the time or desire to bookmark your page and check back in their free time to see if you have added some content. This is where Twitter and Facebook, or your preferred social medium, comes into play. Setting up a free account and running it can have huge effects on the life of your website. Once you get someone to "like" your page or follow you on twitter you then have the right to constantly send them little messages and updates about your website. This would be considered spam, or put off as annoying advertisement methods that were invasive if they were not created through social networking, which is exactly why this method is pure genius. Essentially you are creating a bond with your viewers that put you on the level of a friend rather than an anonymous business.

Offline Marketing
On the other hand, once you have begun the usual online marketing methods like using full-page advertising and targeted campaigns to raise your viewership, there is a definite untapped resource at everyone's fingertips, which is rarely used. Sometimes the same viral effect which is desired when posting content to Youtube or other media submission sites, can be created without the luck or large work put into an online method. For instance, many people tend to throw offline marketing out of the question like putting up posters or tacking a business card onto your local mall's bulletin board. These are some very intelligent and proven methods which people do not decide to go after, which means a giant loss in potential visitors and customers. If you take care of the online marketing through targeted traffic the next best step would be to search for local, or direct linking, customers which will most likely be a 100% purchase rate if they come to your website without you having any intervention in the process other than creating an ad.

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