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Article marketing is a valuable element of online advertising and one that you should always try to incorporate into your online marketing strategy. Article marketing refers to generating large numbers of keyword-targeted articles containing links to your website. These articles are then posted on various online magazines and article directories. This is an important element of search engine optimization as well, since it provides you with more backlinks to your website. In theory, article marketing is also free, although, you'll ideally want to have hundreds of articles posted on dozens of different sites to succeed. With the amount of work involved in making article marketing effective, you'll probably want to hire a professional article marketing and submission company to do the job for you.

One particularly effective search engine optimization technique is to turn one instance of the keyword phrase in your article into a link to your website. This is one of the best ways to promote a keyword and associate your online presence with it. This does, however, require using an HTML link in the text. Most article directories and online magazines do support this, but there are many which don't. Sites which don't allow you to place proper links in the body of the text do, however, allow you to place links in a resource box at the bottom of the article. This resource box is often either an author profile, company profile or simply a signature that is automatically attached to every article published.

One of the most important aspects of successful article marketing is keyword research. Articles written for marketing in this way should, most importantly, be optimized for the search engines. In fact, there probably won't be many real people actually reading the articles anyway. While they do still need to provide quality, error-free content, it is most important that they contain the correct density of keywords. Your chosen keywords should appear multiple times in the text. This includes once instance of the keyword in the title, description and each paragraph. While search engines love repetition, it is still important, however, to keep your articles looking natural. Do not overuse keywords to such an extent that your articles look like spam.

When choosing the keywords for your article marketing campaign, you should do so carefully. One useful tool which can help you to choose is the Google AdWords Keyword Tool. Using this tool, you can type in a relevant keyword and then see a list of suggested key words and phrases along with the keyword efficiency index (KEI). The KEI will tell you how much competition a particular word or phrase has. You'll also be able to see how much the keyword is worth. For best results, you should find something that offers the best compromise between efficiency and value.

Finally, you'll probably want to hire a company or a freelance writer to carry out your article marketing campaign for you. There are many sites, such as Elance and Guru, where companies outsource such work. Alternatively, you may prefer to go for a company which provides the complete article marketing service including the submission of your articles. Such companies can handle all of the writing and submission, getting a specified number of new articles launched every month to help advertise your business. Another advantage that some of these companies provide is that they can submit your article to hundreds of directories. Doing all of this work yourself can quickly become enormously time-consuming.

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