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An effective business website can improve your business' reputation, attract customers, and illustrate your industry knowledge. A sloppy business website, on the other hand, can reduce your credibility and send customers running to the competition. Thus, it is important that you invest time and money into building a website that showcases your business' skills in a straightforward, easy-to-understand way. Effective website content can do just that.


Your business website should show potential customers why they should do business with you. Showcase your knowledge and skills on your business' website. Include an "About" page that highlights your business' experience. If you run a small company, mention the academic credentials and professional background of your employees. For a larger business, discuss well-known clients, how many years you have been in business, and any professional affiliations your business has.

Industry Speak

Use industry terminology on your business website to showcase your knowledge. Find the right balance of easy-to-understand language and industry-specific language. For example, if you work for an engineering firm attracting clients familiar with the industry, you can use engineering-specific language. On the other hand, if you are developing a website for a physician's office, mix medical terms with more general terminology to appeal to the average potential patient. Consider your audience when writing your website content.

Services and Prices

Think from the mindset of your potential customer when developing a business website. Potential customers are likely visiting your site for two reasons. First, they want to know what you can do for them. Second, they want to know how much your services are going to cost them. Include a "Services" page with detailed information about what your business has to offer. Within that page, list the prices for such services. You can write generally about pricing and offer to provide a more specific quote to interested customers.

Clean Copy

Your business website content needs to be error free to enhance your credibility with potential customers. A sloppily written website with typo-ridden text says little about your ability to be professional. In addition, a poorly written business website might leave your potential customers confused about your services, prices, or qualifications. Clean, straightforward website text is essential. Write in short sentences. Have an editor read over your text to eliminate verbose phrases and correct any grammatical errors or typos. The small amount of money you invest in an editor will go a long way in impressing and attracting potential customers with a professional, well-written website.


In many cases, potential customers will research your business online, meaning your website needs to give a good first impression. Ensure that your website uses informative, professional text to convey your business' mission, services, and qualifications in order to secure more customers.

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