Alexa Ranking and How they Affect Webmasters

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How far would you go to boost your website's rankings? Would you pay exurbanite amounts of money? Would you sell-out your websites, would you even go as far as compromising the quality of content on your pages for SEO happy content? Ask any webmaster these days and the answers would surely be surprising... There are not a lot of things that are more important to a website than getting higher on the different ranking systems. The normal ranking system which most web developers look at is the SEO on each page of their website that Google can view and then index into its search parameters. That is an entirely different discussion though, SEO refers to getting organic traffic to your website through the means of Google, which actually works remarkably well if you can rank fairly high for your set of keywords.

This is where the Alexa ranking comes in, while all of your competitors fight over a widely known keyword that is barely even related to your specific field of work, jump right over them and head to the Alexa rankings. This way you can control what seems like an unknown field to webmasters, maybe they are just a little late to catch on to this alternate ranking system, but thousands of high-quality websites are left in the dust every single day due to forgetting all about the other forms of ranking. When SEO may leave you penniless and without anything to show for all of your hard effort and investment, if you invest money into improving your Alexa ranking, the results will show themselves to you. Getting your ranking higher will improve not only your unique visitor numbers but also the amount of revenue you bring in every day. People like to buy items and services with confidence; if your website is very low in the rankings it will have the same effect as having an outdated website that looks like it was created during the turn of the century. Have a nice keyword domain name and SEO rich content is not enough these days when the competition is fierce and the available clients are getting slimmer and slimmer as times goes on. There is no reason to waste your time and the time of your website, just sitting and waiting for people to come and find you. 99% of the visitors that come to your website in the future will come from the original leads that you sent out and promotion techniques that you have used over time. Essentially you are able to create a link that will then produce hundreds if not thousands of links in return to your website in the future... think of it like this, when the first person that wasn't a worker at Google noticed the name, and then sent the link out to their friend to see they just started a chain reaction and promoted the website thousands of times just by sending it to a friend or two.

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