Why Social Networks are Basically just Free Advertising

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Free Advertising in Social Networks


What do you think of when you go on facebook or twitter? There is the possibility that you believe you are truly going online to check up on your friends, maybe manage the invites and RSVP's to your latest party, or even to just follow a rockstar on twitter. The truth of the matter is that none of these are the main concepts behind websites like twitter or facebook. Let's start off with the easier of the two, facebook in general is seen as the best way to posts pictures of your ski trip to Vermont, or maybe to get in contact with your relatives that live far away in another state or even another country. I am about to reveal to you why facebook is actually just a sophisticated platform for facebook to make money off of advertising, while we can actually essentially cheat the system and use it to make our own profits off of their pre-made program.

Facebook for a long time now has been selling their own PPC campaigns to almost anyone that desires advertising. How much better could it get than marketing a product to a real person. Instead of having to deal with all of the fraud and problems that an anonymous person has through traditional marketing means, now you can sell your product directly to a person, as they have already filled in their names and home info and sometimes even their phone and email. Facebook is almost like a giant directory for advertisers, but in order to not alienate their users, facebook would never dare to just sell out the information to their clients as that would be a huge breach of their own terms of service, yet you should notice that facebook has full rights to almost all of the information and pictures/videos that you upload onto their servers, so this would not exactly be out of the question for the future.

Lastly, there is a safe and effective way that you can utilize the facebook platforms for advertising. Facebook is actually usually against using this method, but they are overwhelmed with other work that they do not take the time or maybe do not care about this. The idea which is seen often these days is creating a fan page, linking it to your other forms of social networking like a twitter account, and possibly a linkedin or really anything, and just posting through one source. Once you have a nice setup and can reliably add information or content to your social networking sites, you not have a steady stream of advertising that is flowing from the first visitor that "likes" your page to the next that has followed your twitter account. The only thing to worry about now, is the quality of your tweets, and if you are getting enough people on facebook to like your page and therefore promote your website for absolutely nothing at all.

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