How To Use Piggybacking on Content Aggregators To Boost Website Hits

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Driving search traffic to your website can be tricky. When you want to get search results in an already crowded market space you have a couple of options. You can pay someone for traffic, try to drum up traffic on your own by trading links or using other forms of promotion, or you can be smart and use another site's high page rank in order to promote your links. By attaching your site to a larger and more popular site through links in, embedded or otherwise you essentially reap much of the rewards of having an expensive and time consuming SEO strategy while avoiding doing all of that mind numbing and tedious work building links and tweaking and optimizing every single word in an article. The following guide will teach you how to take advantage of many loopholes that exist in a few of the larger online content providers in order to boost your Google Pagerank.

First you need to identify which websites you are going to use to boost your SEO rankings. There are a few important criteria that these sites must meet in order to be of use to you in advancing your Google Pagerank. Most importantly the site must be consistently ranked well in Google, either through having a stellar content library or just being adept at manipulating search rankings. Next this website must have some sort of user content contribution system. Examples of sites that users can contribute content to are Yahoo's,,, and many, many more. While article directories are probably your easiest bet, if you are interested in building a more permanent presence becoming a moderator or contributor to other popular blogs or internet forums dedicated to your niche is also a way you can boost your Pagerank, although doing this may take much more time and effort.

Once you sign up for one of these websites you need to be sure that any articles you submit that may include self promotion will not be read by a human user. Often times these sites have explicit bans on self promotion in order to preserve their Google Pagerank- however there are holes in any system. For example, many large content providers like AssociatedContent give you the ability to republish work from elsewhere that you have written and not get paid up front for. While you won't make any money from AssociatedContent you will be able to bypass their human censors and insert your own website links, therefore associating your site with the high Pagerank of AssociatedContent and driving a great deal of targeted traffic to your site. Having a site that is featured numerous times in multiple content providers is a great way to get your website high up in Google search rankings, which in turn means that your income will be higher.

In order to successfully use this "piggybacking" strategy it is key to use well ranked sites, avoid human eyes on your content whenever possible, and also stick to traditional SEO techniques such as avoiding duplicate content and trying not to stuff too many keywords in an article. You also want to find profitable niches as well. This strategy will greatly amplify your existing solid SEO strategy and lead to a greater share of income from your SEO activities.

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