How Advertising is a Tricky Game

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Take a look at some of the best advertisers in the world: Budweiser, Apple, even Geico. They all play the advertising game; a game where the goal is to get people to fall in love with your brand and give you loyalty based solely upon seeing a television commercial or some form of advertising. Imagine that, if you are able to gain a customer through an advertisement that doesn't even directly explain what you are selling or inform you're soon to be customer of pricing or any type of useful information. One advertiser that falls directly into this category is GoDaddy... if you have ever seen their advertisements on TV it looks like they are basically just selling videos of good looking women, they absolutely never mention that they are just a domain name selling website that doesn't even have that great of a service. Essentially they guarantee thousands to millions of viewers just based upon the fact that these people like their commercials and then once they get all the viewers they then connect their leads into customers and take the people that would have been looking for a domain name and turn them into clients. This is definitely a novel concept and plays on the minds of the average individual, they are basically just playing into the notion that every day people are almost mindless and can be controlled through the use of some clever videos and placed words into a commercial.


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Another interesting member of this advertising group is Geico, and while they do create amusing commercials that have very large market value at least they do not directly try to confuse or bring about a false notion of what they are selling. They have their little gecko and he is the main person in almost every advertisement of theirs, and he displays what their company has to offer after a hilariously worded short bit of comedy. Normally there is a scene where he takes advantage of a situation and it just seems hilarious because they personify this gecko with tons of human-like characteristics and it is almost a perfect advertising model. They really hit the sweet-spot on advertising a funny campaign and yet getting some vital information across to the public when viewing the ad, they always are sure to add in their tag line that you can save 15% or more after just 5 minutes on a call with them. This is an interesting idea and plays out to Geico getting more sales leads, less spam as in people just going to the GoDaddy website to view their tenacious ads, and then leads to increased profits. In this sense they have a great campaign that surely works in their field because they are leading their market with the funny, interesting, and well placed advertisements that then lead to higher sales in a market that is completely based upon name recognition.


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