Three Reasons Why Twitter Increases Your Adsense Clicks

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Increase google adsense earnings with twitter


Once upon a time there was a new social networking site, where ordinary people could connect and almost read into the lives of celebrities... Through careful planning and awesome ideas, Twitter was born! It turns out twitter is actually a super effective way to advertise your website, you just need to know the best reasons behind it, and then you can get going on your own twitter ad campaign.

1. The main reason why Twitter increases your ad revenue on your website is because the people that are going to be following you are your perfectly targeted visitors. These are the people that have visited your website, have enjoyed your content, and have shown their loyalty by clicking the follow button on your name. That is about as far as a customer can go in online terms to show that they love the work you do with your website, if you have tons of followers that are entirely based upon a non-forced system, then you have truly succeeded in creating great content at the very least.

2. The second reason why Twitter advertising can increase your adsense clicks, is because Twitter is a great (if not the best) way to communicate with your visitors. Twitter provides a quick, easy to navigate, and entertaining system where your followers can see many of their liked celebrities and your website at the same time. That keeps the information and links you send out to seem like spammy and more like a friend. It works in a similar fashion to the way facebook fan pages are formatted for a website. There is a thin line between too friendly and too businesslike, but once you have achieved that optimal degree of professionalism your advice and therefore your advertising will be taken to a new level, a level where you can sufficiently influence the decisions of your fans, as if you are a personal acquaintance of theirs.

3. Finally, another great reason why Twitter will increase your adsense clicks, is because of the traffic you are sending towards your website. You are sending people a link and once they enter your click they have been on twitter for the afternoon and are prepared to start clicking around and looking for small yet entertaining tidbits of writing, think about it.. Twitter users are used to small, funny, and eye-catching pieces of info, in other words they want to be demonstrated with a nice little catch phrase, something that will be the next direction of their attention. That is why they will be brought in by the adsense ads, and then will be inclined to click on them, as adsense is almost always targeted towards a specific user's enjoyable activities and other things that the search engine system has decided about the user, which will make not only the website owner but also Google very happy!

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